Summers Ago


United States
39° 50' 20.0112" N, 74° 42' 37.0656" W

The summer made us children again.
Afternoons at the beach gave us seafoam dreams to run barefoot after through the streets.
You pressed seashells into my palm while I dripped wet sand castles down your legs.
We chased sunsets like butterflies and giggled lemonade kisses upon each other’s cheeks.
There was a yellow firework glow behind my eyes and a faint dragonfly like fluttering in my chest.

I scribbled poems in my notebook when you weren’t looking.
You spilled stories of last month’s adventures that I captured in mason jars.
Pillow fights sent us falling to the basement floor,
collapsing in the most beautiful laughter I’ve ever heard.
I couldn’t help but notice how moonlight poured like coffee creamer down the sides of your face,
speckling your freckles like stars.

Our voices climbed treetops and laid in the shadows.
I made wishes on every star that shot by,
and every night when the clock tick-tocked eleven minutes past eleven.

“Please don’t go, I love you so...”

We traced constellations with our fingertips.
Arms outstretched like cornstalks into the night sky, hoping we could steal some celestial magic.
Firefly whispers caressed our shoulders and melted sweet smiles across our lips.
Hands lingered like a warm breeze, goodbye kisses scattered like fallen leaves.

If I could freeze time, I’d freeze then.
The peak of a summer love before cold nights and frosty windshields wilted it away.

“Please don’t go, I love you so...”


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