Summer is Screaming my name!

My dark blonde hair is craving the desire to be woken up by the sun's bright and shining rays, so that it can receive those natural highlights once again.

My pale, white skin is aching for the opportunity to sun tan once again so that the color of my appereance doesn't scare away ghosts.

My lips are dying for the chance to reconnect with the soft lips of the irresistible boy who, unfortunatly, turned out to be just a summer love.

My nose would kill for the scent of a sweet BBQ filling the backyard of one of my classmates.

My ears have a hankering for the smooth, mellowing sound of the ocean waves gently crashing onto the beach and with no hesitations, washing away the sand castles that took hours to build.

But for now, my body must suffer through the consquences of winter--and school.


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