While Laying on a Trampoline

The radiant energy from the sun shines 

Reveals itself through the cracks of the in between branches of oak trees

As you exhale as a long sign of relief

You inhale The scent of freshly cut grass

Which tickles your nostrils as it pass

Up the olfactory nerve

Like mosquitoes crawling on your skin as if you were an hors d'oeuvre.


The birds in the oak branches get your attention

Between the armament of the feathers and the symphonic sounds

Leaving your dazed and astound

Watching them fly from limp to limp

You then become one with them


Getting on your feet 

you push your weight as hard as you can where skin a rubber meet

while flapping your arms up and down

As the height of which you went in the air rose 

Your eyes began to close


While jumping on the trampoline

Your feet no longer touch the rubber every few seconds

The radiant energy now blinds your propelling path

The tree branches you once admired 

Now become a resting place when your tired

As you exhale a long sign of relief

You no longer inhale grass but now tree bark and leaves

The mosquitoes have now become your peers of the sky


The feathers of the birds are more wondrous up close

Along with the euphoric sounds that have become clear to decode

You stare at the limp you must fly to

As you bend your needs and extend your legs before

And flap your arms up and down

Your body begins to sore '

That is when you realized

Just how awesome nature could be





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Our world
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