Thu, 06/26/2014 - 16:28 -- Raycizm

Its a cycle

When satan stay comin round i find we search for bibles to help us size em up

Look where we grew up

In failing grade projects

Theres a war going on in my city

Children that look like me exercising with more weight than they can handle from steel bullets to bars tossing ignorance both ways while demons police these streets for dinero so al pac heat somebody please tell me where'd the saints go?

Marching out

leaving the innocently accused to drown in their own lives while they

Still have them and theres a war going on

Project Boot camp lined with little charcoal soldiers all ready to fire these landmime silent time bomb pirates ready to BOOM from their souls like shoes if stepped on BOOM

Community questions BOOM just arrested development

Nests wrecked from bad weather conditions pissed mad like bad hallways and theres a war going on inside

OG's scream don't shoot until you see the coke white in their coat pockets

They know papi

but don't know their own fathers

Or which hand is the hand that feeds them

Demons they keep inside crucify jesus

Battle for top spots

Head shots yo I'm bleeding i got got paramedics late and cops wont believe me the blocks hot cant you see that

Theres a war going on

The revolution wont be televised i guess

But I'm ready

Like Huey newton running scams with machete tongues yelling throw me in the hole again im a soldier folding section 8 in pen ink

And look at all the black kids

In the back of their classes dreaming of tattoos drugs and bad women they don't plan on making honest so they lie around and lie to get bi

I mean straight


Don't play

Wait wait watch how you say because reputation is everything in a world where everybody knows your momma

And know all too well the tears she'll shed when you pass before she does but you just wanted to be like your father right?


To war like generations before you tending to the same wounds of a war we cant seem to win or lose we just send troops


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