Perhaps this is a Reoccurring Pattern

My summers used to consist of waking up to the sun high in the sky, riding bikes around the neighborhood, and slip n slides. 

But as time went on, and I got older, the neighbors moved aw

The water fights, replaced with my phone.

Staying up late, going to sleep in the early hours...

The next episode will play in





Lots of things were on autoplay. 

But then I got closer to you.

B Story, Tame Impala, Bombay Bicycle Club-

Your favorites, became my favorites.

The fair, the extra ticket always belonging to a friend now belonged to you this year.

I remember seeing my face on your phone as your screensaver, accidentally texting you instead of someone else about it, and you turning pink.

Thanks for winning me that neon whale.

We were good for a while.

You were the first boy my parents let come over.

You tried to teach me guitar, you helped me build a planter box,

But I wasn't what you wanted.

I always seem to cry in my fifth periods.

One year later,

We are okay.

I found someone else, and you did too.

We were never anything serious,

I see now it was better that way.

Fast forward a few months and your ticket was his ticket.

Instead of playing overpriced games, we payed for overpriced photobooths.

It seemed perfect.

He came over all the time.

He saw our planter box, now filled with shriveling succulents.

He couldn't play guitar though.

He wasn't you, but he held on longer.



I want to blame you both for not trying hard enough.

But I can't.

That's just not who I am.

I miss you both dearly.

I still see you, boy with the good music taste.

We had a few run ins.

Out of desparation?


But I think we both needed a familiar face.

I'm sorry she cheated on you.

No one deserves that.

But maybe it was karma.

As much as I want to forgive you, I don't think I ever can fully.

We still play each other's playlists.

People don't really stay.

Everything happens for a reason.

I'd like to believe that phrase, to lessen the blow of the truth, or reality.

I am alone, but not fully alone.

I have friends, but I still feel so alone.

I spent so much time getting to know you both, that's just how life goes I guess.

Lot's of coming and going.

Rarely any staying.

I don't understand love, there's so many levels to it.

Sometimes I wish I used the ticket on another friend.

Sometimes I wish one of you stayed.

I wish a lot of things...

Did I fall in love?


Was it a summer fling?

Sort of.

Did I grow from it?


I hope this is not an annual thing though.

Heartbreak every year sucks.



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This poem is very good, and so is the other one you wrote.

I think you should continue writing.

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