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I had this summer day
where you were fire and I was sand,
and we melted ourselves
into a rare and perfect glass.
Maybe we can be like marbles,
well-rounded and varied,
or maybe we can magnify
and burn splinters in the pavement.

Today I see the faintest reflection,
smooth but dirty, old and cherished,
like the way that you broke me
and smashed life on the floor.
We've been devitalized;
presently I hold just one sliver.
Maybe we were fragile,
or maybe
we can meld again
and mold our lives inside.



This was another poem written for English class my frreshman year of highschool.
It's about how different sould can come together and break apart. Not everyone in your life was meant to stay there forever.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

the truth is that everything is not always meant to be
understand why and move forward
keep writing
great job


the first stanza is so much more powerful in wording, image, and metaphor. the second lacks. but the first is awesome. i didnt plan on commenting on this site, but ya - the 1st stanza is very, very neat. good job!

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