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Hey, I know it’s late but I’m trying to stay okay like really trying like I’m sitting here in the dark holding on to a silver butterfly that somehow fell in love with my computer screen.
My phone chimes, As I walk down The grey walled corridor “Hab dich lieb” I try to Conceal my voice To shrink it So no one will notice Cocked heads rotate  In my direction
The Ocean screamed; spasming As the ship sailed surely through Her waters Pompous boatmen spent the whole sun damning, Her ears with whispers of their slaughters.  
Satiated in time, rests her rings. Acknowledging the vast prairie speckled with love. Twisting the long days into lonely nights, she yearns for life.
Satiated in time, rests her rings. Acknowledging the vast prairie speckled with love. Twisting the long days into lonely nights, she yearns for life.
The Tower lies in rapturous silence, The Margalite Palace ready themselves for wrath and ruin, The Two Houses of the People and the Consul look on with trepidation
the nurse checked under my tongue the other night to make sure i took all of my medicine and it reminded me of you how romantic is that and tell me em- ponder me this- how romantic is it
As we sit in the trench We can smell the stench  The mustard gas takes flight  We're terrified of the sight  Who came up with this terrible thing  What more will this war have to bring 
In the beginning:
  The Purpose of Living Nature’s first green is gold.  New Dawn, it’s bright, it’s beautiful You’re gold when you’re a kid.  Everything is new.
before we were the clear blue skies that now match our smiles and our happiness, we were the storms that brought hurricanes upon the earth and tsunamis upson the coasts'
As we feel the sun beating upon our unprotected necks, the wind happily tangling our hair like flimsy, green vines, We keep out hands locked together and our bodies knotted into one.
Humans are despicable creatures. We lie, cheat, steal. Not only from others, but also from ourselves. We lie, telling others that we are okay, when we're truly breaking inside.
As my smile fades with my happiness I can feel the hollowness of my soul creeping upon my skin.    The loneliness of the repercussions of my actions reveal the anger in me.   
The dolls creeping, chilling, their hands dragging you down  where the dark space of... the chilly lonely hole full of dolls parts  the hole gets father as the rabbit falls down the hole
The river runs fast Like your growing love for me But it dies faster 
Alyssa Kirby Unearth   I can’t help but fantasize about the suffocating serenity  that living underground would give me.
Why can't you see underneath my skin ? Why can't you see that I am human? Why can't you see that I have rights? Why can't you see that I can do anything that you can do?
The time has come for change, my love. I feel helpless as you cry.  My sisters and brothers, My family in others.  But I do what I can,  I try.   You have suffered enough, my love. 
I live among the dead yet I am no better. I lie awake at night dreaming of a better tomorrow. The tears I cry whether of sorrow or pity are genuine and painful. As a believer I say i know what’s right and wrong.
A new born baby Sheds so many tears Until his mother hugs him To take away his fears   A toddler now in pre-school Sheds ten tears a day Stubs his foot sometimes His mother hugs him
I thought my lips had broken and my hands had burst to flames. When I think of you, you're the one to blame. You messed with my mind  you wasted all of my time. You think you broke my heart?
As a New Yorker, it was a usual day as the rest. Meeting with clients, and ordering calls was all he had to stress. Mr. Dittmar did not expect the worst attack to come
I want to go to Target but the Mayors on the TV says he won't let me out so I sit at home and pout The Amazon guy visits my house like two times a day I got nothing else to do so I just order stuff and pay
I blew into your life like a hurricaneand you tore through minelike an earthquakeboth of us the unexpected I whisked apart everything you knew blew through all your certainty your safety your sanity your security I uprooted everything you thought 
I know it's been six months since we haven't talked, but this is what I would say if I didn't have you blocked. The more I try to forget you the more I feel lost. Shattered is an under statement of my heart how you have broken me
  It’s your birthday today You are at work and I’m at school  We’re far apart, but you’re close to my heart I love you, so I shout hurray
I feel her heart getting colder I reach for her hand Searching to feel her love She pushes me away There is so much weight on my shoulder
You have only known me while I grew up in a closet, I feel like I’m alone, having no one to hold my hand, No one to comfort me, or to tell me “I promise it’s going to get better!”,
When I’m looking back, I feel I’m about to have a panic attack, Memories are everywhere,
hate is holding a gun between two eyes of understanding and seeing your own crooked reflection   cruelty is walking around with a weighed pocket full of "would've, could've, should've"
Single people sad, Coupled people are happy, All because of love.  
Black boy Black boy With little red truck toy Growing up alright boy Mama and daddy’s own joy Falling for the man’s ploy
Before I leave this Earth I wanna leave a mark on this turf When I say turf I mean to leave a mark on a certain skill set Being successful And when I say successful it means not leaving my kids in debt
Inspiration is found in a mother of two  Who finds herself with bills that are overdue   Voices in her head wishing that he chose to stay
Inspiration comes in moments of power, morning, night, or at any hour. When I am in control, the whole world is on patrol. I hold fate in one hand. An outsider can't understand.  
Simple acts The simple acts of kindness towards others The simple acts that no one notices Those that don't matter enough to be thanked for The acts of kindness are what inspire me
Trapped.  He is free to roam, He is free to go. I’m a prisoner to my own home. Sentenced by our embryo.
Inspiration comes in exotic waves. The biggest wave that crashes onto me is how people admit to their flaws. Tears may fall, and bodies might shake. But being brave is what is most inspiring.
Her hand grazed my skin. “Please, be calm my child.” Serenity plagued each of my senses. Flames from the fire grabbed at my shoeless feet. Yet, I was the happiest I have been. Mother looked sadly into my green eyes.
Meandering the halls around me    Unraveling the        Surealistic pleasures inside Exquisite displays in harmony    Untangle the        Mysteries before our present time Matriculating all my learning
Foolish choices, Never made them. Cheerful moments, Plenty of them.. Goals and future wait patiently, Keep to think of them mistakenly. Salty stream all over me, Explanation lack,
I became awake when I was taken away from you I've seen too many fall short of the path of sucess  Anxious is what I become when I think about you To have another name across my chest 
They bustle from place to place, Pink cheeks, loud voice, cherry face. Hands guide, hugs envelope, terror forms,
I’m a womanHoney i couldString a thousand starsin the sky along with the moonIf I wanted toThe inspiration comes fromMy uterus & the trials that comeWith itI’m conditioned to be weakBut I’m expected to hold on“There’s no rest for the wicked”Th
growing unaware influence and pressure under lies the truth shield to protect from rejection from fear from abuse but attraction of vices and acceptance pain home was worse
To surprise you with these bars would to be to let you in on my scars leaving your mind set while same time still pulling people cards so let your guard down when you listening all truth with no gimmicks i say the sky ain't no limit.
water is running,  evaporating,  everywhere.  no sound can be heard,  and no thought can be thought. they will come, 
this is the intermittent calm present between the moments of unbridled chaos the whirring of a fan, resonates, a meditation while birds sing outside the window
Love is not just a noun or a verb. It is an action, a feeling. 
shoulders, shoulders that pierce my prerifrials your love always felt conditional I cant stop it like a kid who discovers twitter for the first time
Never forget the past Remember the horror time Scars will last Pick yorself up Wipe those tears Walk tall and grow  
I am a black bounty hunter, yes I am indeed My master and I hunt fugitive slaves, while we ride on steeds Sadly, I am a slave, so shouldn’t I be ashamed?
I don't know when or where, But I found myself uncertain Wondering what could be if only... If only I hadn't been there If I had chosen differently would I be better, smarter, kinder even.  
I understand that I'm not alone but, I am alone, I feel alone. Even when I’m around people, around my friends, around my family
Sex has no feeling No touch is how I feel. He never learned how to treat me He was too young to know That the sex we had wasnt right, But how was he suppose to know. Sex has no feeling
My mind said RN My heart says sonography Im in my right field   
Drive is essential. The thirst for succes and change  Is quenched by hard work.    Qualifications Help me reach my potential. Pushing my limits.   Work ethic needed
Let us travel to the fig tree. Inspect its fruits. Look past its leaves, for they try to conceal the stellar treasures. Squeeze each fruit to find the one that gives most. That fruit yields the utmost stimulating taste.
When we were younger there was never a NO And always something to look forward to. Imagination went wild and lached onto a child This child would grow up with a mind full of wonder and fame
My parents used to read me different Dr. Seuss books, including Green Eggs and Ham, Fox in Socks and Happy Birthday To You. I enjoyed the rhythmic language that complimented the imagery and fantasy.
The sun is shining and the sky is blue My phone rings beside me, I'm delighted it's you Being far away from home I feel so lost But knowing you'll always be there, makes up for the cost
1776,this amendment was made   And we’re still paying the consequences today  It’s 2019, and were at 340 bodies totalled up a day  Can’t this gun war just go away   
What is life? 
I found inspiration in my everyday I know that's a very bland thing to say but I am my inspiration for my existence to stay   I am inspired by how I have become What I have created 
I hate myself Don’t try to convince me that There is something special Because if I look closer I see my faults Even though  I feel different It’s in my mind I can’t say  I see that I’m special Because There is nothing good about me It’s not true
I am survivor  But I don’t believe that She took all that was good out of me They all tell me 
I never thought I'd make it as far as I have. No one helped, no one cared, yet here I am. They told me there was no point, but their disappointment pushed me further.
They say love is a beautiful thing,“When you find it, you know”How will I know I found it ?Does love look tall, dark, and handsome?Does love smell like flowers ?
End of the rope End of the line The burning in their lungs Is everything less than divine They beg and they call out For their family to stop But only they can hear their own thoughts  
Achilles became a cop, in hopes that the hate will stop.   Aphrodite broke down in tears, for all the years lost to mirrors.   For millennia the Gods and myths we idolized hid in fear,
She is in the dying flowers and the burning trees She is in the children who cry and plead The animals who hunt and bleed Earth in every form Artemis, Diana
His eyes were slit, the funny little man  with the neck tattoo of sulfur. He grinned with a smile full of more teeth than one would expect from a funny little man. He looked to me
I see what I wanna be yet so far from reach. The hill is high  and the road is long. I run as fast i can  yet fall everytime. I wanna succeed, but seems it cannot be.  My knees are weak
Book I: Swept Up Plastics
Dipping in the pool, Water's sacred goddessess- Modern-day swim team.
Odysseus prom king of the ages you steal our young ladies using your tricks and lurs Sweeping them  into your arms you take them on far off roads towards the ocean 
The box that started it all was not opened. The hate and chaos that flourished around the world  did not happen.  Pandora’s gut took over her before her careless actions did. 
Hades is the name Bartending's the game Waiting for the sun to set So others will place another bet Cleaning another glass Watching the local football star pass
Narcissus uploads Everyone sees his picture His echo chamber
I used to be an extra. 🍂 Back when I didn't really care what people thought of me. And I generally still don't.🍂   But I am no longer an extra. At least, in most cases.  
Though advice ignored A father's thoughts can come through When I clean my room
I am a PIG... bacon, ribs,  and BBQ ! I am a DOG... cute, cuddly, and loyal. I am a PLAYER...always winning and willing to take one for the team! I am NO GOOD... that's right, no good at lying, hustling, or cheating. 
Saturday morning cartoons,  Walking to the donut shop with old pink walls and stale coffee, Listening to my moms heart beat for me, Staring at the sun,  Dancing with Britney Spears on tv,
Saturday morning cartoons,  Walking to the donut shop with old pink walls and stale coffee, Listening to my moms heart beat for me, Staring at the sun,  Dancing with Britney Spears on tv,
Little feet wade on the steps Little hand grabs big hand My fragile body jumps back onto land   I sit on a float Pushed around the shallow pool I laugh, followed by a stream of drool  
Time will not wait for me I'm growing up so fast I can't wait to grow up and leave I'm in a hurry, it's a blast   I'm all grown up, I can't believe it College is near and I'm so excited
There's a lady I know that stands on the road Everyday I watch her struggle with her load I watch her banter with the other women as she sets up She laughs as she unwraps corn and drinks from the same cup
I feel like I had it rough So it appears I'm like everyone Who have had problems, but still act tough I find peace in mind as I grow up Getting merits like diplomas and such
When both of my parents were complaining to me about money problems. I was 10, I still have problems with people paying for my things because of this.  
Confidence is like an train,  It can get you anywhere. A fence is like an airplane, It won't fly without jet fuel.   A commitment is like a door, You don't know what's on the otherside.
Covered by the darkness within me holding me hostage with the burden of grief. Falling to my knees in faith that I could one day be enough for you, for everything I do.
Making big choices What will my future possess? I'm growing older
The sense of divergent surroundings in her stomach was not a new one. In fact that wariness and excitement of the unknown had become more comfortable to her than any other feeling.
  you’re never around. you’re not in my life. so why’d you come over and ask if i’m alright?
 i wonder your mood when you remember me. when you remember how long it’s been since we last talked. the shade began in october and floated its way into november. i’m saying all of this because when i think of you, my mood changes instantly.i'm no
I had to dig through my late night journals and old Tumblr posts,Then recovered those old songs, and unleashed all of our old ghosts.As I sat and listened to our songs, I remembered how much we’ve both changed.
First Love Should I ever love one truly again tis’ the question I would love to find out if it is not likely I must ascertain for I am so tired of my own doubt
When I look in the mirror everyday I see someone who once was. Someone who once was ashamed of who they were.  When I look in the mirror,  I see that I am afraid, Afraid of what you may ask? Afraid of Change.
These four letters shine bright down upon the Earth They've consumed our hearts Since the day of our birth They heal our souls Make our lives complete And allow us to cherish the moments
Sometimes you may forget those things important, They run away if they haven't any reinforcement, But sometimes the best thing to do
“I am not little anymore”, I said to myself. But someway, somehow I find myself reaching for the door. The door that opens up to parents room to ask them for help like I would usually do.
The bright pink walls were painted over with gray, Animals, dollls, all thrown away. I lock myself up in my one room castle, Avoiding my family, my chores, my hassels. I hear my mom say "we never see you anymore!",
Waking up soaked from tears Cold from fear Aching from pain Yet, I am happy Happy that the yelling has stopped Happy that I can be the person I am Happy that I can finally grow
The leaves began to change, and the candy tasted too sweet. I didn’t want to be around people, I had discovered the life we cherish was a one way street.
Self esteem is a made up thing. Paint your face. Lose weight. What’s the point of it?  Does being pretty make you a better person?
childhood remembrances are always a burden   if you’re an immigrant I can always recollect my memories of living in
I sat down and thought, "When did I become me?" "When did I stop trying so hard?" "When was able to just be?" Because growing up is hard, that's a lesson I've had to learn, 
I sat down and thought, "When did I become me?" "When did I stop trying so hard?" "When was able to just be?" Because growing up is hard, that's a lesson I've had to learn, 
  Suddenly By: Isabelle Cogger   I sat down beside her, Trying not to cry, Her hand met my hand, One final, last goodbye.  
I am from Marie Smith and Kroix Smith From single mother poverty and no high school education.                 But I am from my mother and brother’s arms Ready to embrace always, “I love you.”
I grew up watching porn. Not in a weird way, Just the normal way. I was interested in sex, I wanted to know when it would be my turn. I remember loading up the family computer, trying to be quiet so that
The most carefree child That’s what I was Obsessed with school And willing to believe that everything was for a purpose in this world  
Used to not practice, Failed all of my auditions. I perform and teach.
Reaching out for my mom's hand, It was nowhere to be found, She was no longer on this earth with us, It felt as my world came tumbling down,
A desicion like no other, do I start over? or continue on a path I hate? I want to follow my passion but do I really want to graduate late? I've almost finished a marketing degree, but it truly isnt for me.
when you whisper, i can feel the fire crackle in my veins and when you laugh, the air explodes. when you smile, i can feel the mountains float and when you cry, oceans overflow. honey,
Who knew I needed water, Maybe the doctor.  For a flower to blossom, Now that I’m in college I know the problem. Water is the answer to health, Which now I know means more than wealth. 
Toys, candy, and gamesWere my niche those daysCare free fromJewelry, money , watchesI was content with bags of laysWhere I cameStress free hidden from painMy parents could be struggling
I am the small voice that fades into the background, I am the cowardly dog who puts down their head, I am the thought that never gets to be expound,
It's hard leaving your home But you have to go Those tears you cried wont be in vain All that hurt you felt, that awful pain Will wash away under the summer rain You'll see them again
What is fear?   The feeling of being simply not enough.   You've put everything on the table. Left it all out on the field. Put your heart and soul into it.
Hands inlayed with pain Bleeding from success Reserved for only one Yet used by everyone else.   They tremble and shake 
I reached for the wood, Like it was a life preserver; Legs swinging, I held on; I was Rose and the tree was Jack, And I wasn't going to fall down; I propped myself on the branch,
Closing in From every corner All the fire touches Is consumed.   For if we cannot trust The Flame Then whom?  
My Life Matter  Being Black and Gay In The U.S.  Im not gone lie, it brings stress  You get judged if you act less Less Than a “Man” who care less He’s Straight  I don’t see him being looked down on
Tears stain your cheeks. You come to school every day, In a mess of mascara. You’re hurt, And I know who did it.   We pass in the hallways
Just now I turned into a man, but I have created a false identity. It started in 7th. I was picked on for being gay, so I told them I was straight. I didn't care about anything or anyone.
I’ve fought my fears through the years over and over again. But this fear overpowers them all. The fear of losing you. After I’ve lost you, I lost my motivation.
they are not meant to scare you they scream with emotions  some sincere some detached but too many makes the room feel smaller you feel trapped you begin to speak but you trip on your words
It comes with age 
you saw me as an object a side piece you could show off as something only you could have you yelled cried and hurt me always something i did wrong left me battered and empty
My worst nightmare is when a friend becomes a stranger, and my feelings mean nothing. Those memories meant nothing. I used to fear feeling unwanted. At worst, rejection. At best, embarassment.  
She says my first boyfriend can’t be my true love so rarely she says do first-time couples stay together and take on the world as one   She said  i should have been working harder
Why did you leave? I just want some answers please.You left me that day with nothing to say and you expect me to move on like nothing went on ..
Tell me again, your sweet sinister liesCross your heart and hope to die.Tell me again how she was only a friend,Only one kiss that's the end.Tell me again why you sneak out at night
My little brother has a mass in his brain they said it was cancer he looked up to me expecting an answer  3 weeks later  he can’t talk 3 months later he can’t walk 
My willow friend You die and thrive in certain seasons. Here for the pleasent weather, but gone in the cold.   Our conversations come like the warm breeze, but no matter what I say
I would try to swim across the river every day, Just to find myself sinking, Filling my lungs with a rush of fire.
I am not defined by the color of my hair or the size of my hips You can’t make me believe that all I am worth is what you tell me I am not worthless, because I’ve made a world of differences to the ones who know me best
Loud; but steady An unfamiliar stillness in the air forces me to stop my rythmic movement A thin layer of calm engulfs me as I slowly come to a stop Wind can be powerful
Enjoy the beauty See what the world can give you Love every second            
I got two brothers doing life and one in the dirt.   I got a perfect son thats never walked because his legs don't work and he shits and pisses in a bag but whatever.  
Don't be afraid to conquer your fears; Hold back your tears In life your fears are there to make things clear, They don't hurt they make you see what needs work in you
*Thump*   Heart caught, lodged within my throat it has burrowed a nest and has made no plans to leave A hummingbird's heartbeat cannot compare to the violent cacophony within 
The alphabet is easy. It is one of the first things we are taught. All the letters are equal. All letters are important.
Is it true? I asked, he said, yes, its true, heartbroken, she's dead she was 19 with a disease,  her family will never live at ease.  my mom has the same one, I thought in horror,
I hear them everyday They drag me around I hear them in my head They make a terrible sound Forever stuck in me Even through the seas Away I want them to be Real pain inside of me
The clock strikes 12 all of the envious rats start spreading morbid lies that leaves this small town. Walking with their heads down And heavy hearts when will this wistful disturbance will end
It is night time All my friends are going out to shine  Taking advantage of the 2 for 1 special  I'm sitting in bed trying to maintain a well level    Textbook is turned to page 1
Who would've thought I'd have you as a mother, other than the one above You taught me to love an gave me guidance Whenever they said I wasn't going to make it You said yours and all you have to do is go an take it
Confucianism and Taoism are both ancient Chinese styles of living. Confucianism believes in setting good examples for others to follow, primarily in 5 key relationships: ruler and subject, wife and husband, older and younger sibling, friend and fr
As long as I have known you, you have taught. Taught of good, of bad, of anything. Of anything and nothing. Of nothing and everything. Through ramblings and concentrated thoughts, wisdom poured forth.
In a black-birth she was reborn again Black for all these negative intentions Black for each time she was held down   Removal of this inocencia, it’s spoken so highly
Laying eyes on  you  For the first time  I already felt like our souls were intertwined  We were meant to be together for a lifetime  Tears and hardtimes  Never ending love radiating from your eyes
I love my mother She gives to me and my brother Her hair smells like flowers She cares and takes care She hugs me like a bear I love you mother She gives me so much love
confusion and understanding guiding with a blindfold on, not ever knowing exactly what to teach in the exact order I've followed in your footsteps for years now learning one thing at a time
I am of influential women The people who inspire me to be who I am and do what I do The women who have raised me on a mental and physical level
Kevin, my father, the epitome of a great dad. Once a stranger to her, but now makes her glad. Her, as in me, was just a little girl when he came into my life and changed my whole world.
She brought me to life Took care of me when I couldn't But most importantly loved me when I wouldnt. She held me for nine months
I know I am fat,  I know I am broke, I know I am awkward, I know I am anti-social, You don't have to remind me, All I know is that I like and love myself.
poetry has taught me how to laugh poetry has taught me how to love poetry has taught me how to live and forget most importantly poetry taught me how to be myself poetry isn't just words on a paper
I am a panda, Just waking up, I am 1:22 in the morning   I am a ferrari, Admirable to others,
Lately I've been hoping for some better days'Cause lately I've been feeling some type of wayThese silent thoughts have been goin on for years nowI'm wonderin' what's goin on when I'm not around
Empower the powerless. Give voice to the voiceless. Let me live as I die with a whisper or a shout, preclaiming that the knowlege should be let out-
Thankful is me For the air that I breathe The body I have For every bulge, dent, and curvature that reaps Within my path Because one thing is for sure I would not be here if it was not for
we acceptthe lovewe thinkwe deservei had once met a man who told me i was his little girlhe’d open my m&msthen he’d ruffle my curls before he would go home to a separate bed than my mother’s
we acceptthe lovewe thinkwe deservei had once met a man who told me i was his little girlhe’d open my m&msthen he’d ruffle my curls before he would go home to a separate bed than my mother’s
Poems have words, phrases, lines Sometimes they tend to rhyme Structure works, but not required The meaning is what matters Characters, places, feelings An ode to my lost friend
Dear You,
Dear Dad In the morning I hear your shoes While you walk around the kitchen making food When I get out of bed I realize its just the News On the television and it suddenly lessens my mood.
Dearest loved one,    I love who I am. I love how strong I've become. I love the truth about myself. No, I don't believe its vanity I believe its confidence.  
I am from peacefulness mixed with the sound of the washer, the steady stream of water from the kitchen for washing dishes. The smell of grass, cow manure and skunk fills the outside.
For a long time now, you have needed help; You've grown up in sin; Cut off your own ear, made you yelp; Hurt yourself always, could let no one in; "You're insane," they said; You laughed out loud;
Suddenly I became ur reflection in my mirror.Suddenly things have changed when the worlds' issues grew bigger.And overtime I mesmerized about the shit that i was sick of.Putting in work for people who couldn't care to even pickup.My moral benefits
Healthy Relationships are very important It is very important to lots of people Healthy relationships are important to me I really want an signaficant other That is a healthy relationship for me
I sit in my dark mysterious cave, my crystal ball illuminates my face while I watch her explore the darkness of the sea, a beautiful and curious young girl. I keep an ear out for Triton, her father and my ex who banished me to this cave.
Once upon a time, I was born. Around me were dim, radiant lights and burning steel. Suddenly, a bright light pierced my eye like a thorn. Through the pain, I saw a man's leg and a woman's heel.  
Snow fell gently, gently, gently As grey filled the sky and white blinded his eyes He crouched, always hungry, always prowling.  The "sneaky" wolf climbed from his burrow and took an ever so gentle peak
A blonde beauty Trapped by fearFeathers floating farther Falling from wingsThis beauty can no longer flyA blonde beauty Succumbs to love Leaving lies left to dieRight and wrong on the side
Damn, her hair is this long climbing up this wall? I wonder how tall she is I wonder how much hair this is? I wonder could we sell it all make this into weave for many girls
Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess that was not quite like the rest, While she had the long flowing blonde hair and spring green eyes, she was Deaf,
Once upon a time, in the hills of the country far away, there lived three little pigs. These pigs spent most of their days taking care of their home made out of straw, and the land around them.
There once was a girl. She was cool yet reserved. She always worried about little things, mainly school. She dreamed of becoming a doctor, living a lavish life. She never gave up on her dreams and goals.
Once upon a time, Due to psychedelic drugs Alice can't stand up.
Locked in a tower without electrical power, how can I run through the trees, feeling my heart flee from its constraints.  Hair falling, hair breaking, heart running away
*Greatness, a nine letter word that hold such overwhelming value. *Nine o'clock, fear enters the heart of a tender soul. *An individual of Humpty beginnings who would rather not be so bold.
Not one could conceive Such incapable instant Merely just a fair boy Average as the corner store Which not a shining soul laid eyes upon
If America was great We wouldn't close up all our gates because that walls not meant for peace the foundations full of fear and hate the world can't relate they look at us with disgrace it's 2017
1776. This was a time the world needed a fix. A strong stand against tyranny, a fight for freedom.  Our Founding Fathers stepped in, Men found taking a stand against other men. Yet again. 
Us, a fragment of Earth under siege And does he not hear our plea. Thrusting towards the new, dark age Our beautiful country, now Satan's stage. Any effort to heal the wounds of our soldiers
Do we react like universes? And Experience ourselves ironically? She sleeps -- she's peaceful now -- on soft white sand; The ocean of her eyes starts looking starry. But I am drowning. Just 'cause I'm supposed
I am a cookie cutter Sharp edges and commonplace Useless on my own   I am a cookie cutter Brown bright eyes as a college freshman
I just have to keep running  I have to run towards the sun and try to reach it but, I keep fallling I run, I run as fast as I can before the sun beats me.
A year ago, I wore my anxieties like a fur coat. My fears consumed me, And I consumed lies like good gravy. Hope had been lost because, I was told I couldn't do it. That I was being set up to fail.
Last year, I thought only you could love me When I was broken, you fixed me When I fell, you caught me When I was drowning, you saved me But then you left:
Lacy trails of light shroud her in golden fog, Feline figure illuminated, nature’s sunny spotlight dancing softly over her Tiny paws stretch curiously along the shadow cast by the open window.
Dear body, I hate you I know mamma taught me to love you...but I don’t Always trying to rid of you To make you thinner
Who am I? I am a friend. I am a part of a family.   On the simplest level, I am ME.   Who am I? I am a high school graduate. I am a college attendee.  
Like the sun you radiate light, bright and pure. Your smile could turn over a thousand frowns, Through your crystal blue eyes, I see our future just in grasp. Your laughter makes the darkness dissipate,
One thousand feet below sea level Stuck behind a brick wall Hand-cuffed to the underground Hypnotised once again  Please help me survive Please help me revive I need someone
We were taught to love, not to hate. To feel and love willingly, And set aside the gender or race of our people. Yet, we judge based on what we see. Does our appearance determine who we are?
Single mother Trying her bestRaising three kids
Single mother Trying her bestRaising three kids
Get up, Get up It's time to go  To a special place Don't you know? A place where dreams are truly made A place that can not surely fade Be the smile someone can see Be the reason others believe
I'm 15 years old now.Ms. Luna calls my name." Pay attention Ms. Campos, your timed assignments not a game."" Well i'm trying hard to focus.
There are so many meanings of poetry Your definition can not be same as mine   It means telling a story Because everyone has a story to tell   It means imagination
I'm not a real poet. I 'm just a broke college student, Looking for an easy way to get out of debt.   I'm not a real poet. I just want to avoid taking out loans,
Breaking the walls; normalcy: overrated Breaking reality; imagination: falls free Calling all dreamers Calling all dreamers
I wish you had stuck around when I first learned to love the simple things in life. Or holding my hand as we crossed the street. Although you’re around now, you’re not here at all.
Noise, noise, all of the noise Yelling, screaming, yelling, screaming It gets louder as it enters my head Headaches, not only headaches, Bruises, cuts, and scrapes too,
Months. For months we have fought across These blood-soaked beaches Waiting for the victory As we battle Inch-by-agonizing Inch. Enemy. They stop us at our every turn
Bam! I knocked you out you hit the ground I'm through messing around playing these little games of yours tired of you walking all over me like I'm nothing but dirt I'm done getting hurt
In each of my hands I balance the choice of right and wrong In my heart I hold my dreams for my future In my mind I keep my thoughts With my eyes I see the good and evil in this world
Once in a time, there was a little girl Her name was Chrystal and she was adored Her task was easy, write about frogs Whatever she touched would turn into gold Rivers and hills, mists and fogs
If you ask around Most people will tell you inanimate objects Are things they cannot live without But I dug deeper. My motivation is something I could not part with
if i oh if i were stranded but i never planned it to be without you i couldnt stand it if i couldnt hear your voice calling mine if i were stranded without you i wouldnt be fine
I grew up in a world rife with uncertainty Afraid to lift my head up high, Afraid to contemplate a future where life was worth experiencing. At every corner there was a struggle,
On an island far away So, some music I will play Six strings and my hands Melody in the sands   Mood displayed in every note Mental songs that I have wrote Come alive with every strum
You carried me with you for nine months whole    And when I was born your heart I stole    You fell in love with me at first sight    You promised to care for me and raise me right  
Choas rang its bell that day Surrounded by desert I somehow felt trapped all day Without her rings of curls There was no meanig in the world A sight came to me A reflection no doubt
I am alive Everywhere, Radiant You. Breathe, Sip, Walk, Listen Stay. Lay, Talk, pretend gone. nowhere, cold how else do i live? i am dead
Sometimes I sit and ponder Everything I do. How far along I've come in life, and it's all thanks to you. You help me up when I fall down. You kiss me when I'm blue. No woman could ever compare.
I am me I am fearfully and wonderfully made I am a beautiful mess I am unlike any other I am me I am capable of greatness I am capable of failure I am but a mortal being I am me
Picture this.....one of the most beautiful women you've ever seen. Taking photos of the city lights. All you can see if her pale skin glowing as she clicks the flash button.
I really need words Communication is key My words are my life
It burns brighter than passion and higher than dreams a red brain, holding so much more than it seems. Beneath its front it boils and bubbles, melting our most hideous troubles. 
In a time of desprate need In a time of sadness and despair  In a time, when I felt lonley, as if no one was there     In a time when I had anxiety, having nothing but insecurity to spare
Follow your own path, because no one is going to do it for you, dream big, and do not fear the road before you. Troubles will rise but in time they will end, so do not fret for you are strong.
A silent night sound as lullaby and  the sky is always as light of millions of suns The moon is like a sunflower with color of  brightness ocean blue.   I come across the shallow window
I close my eyes to see a pain that's rooted in my psyche a pain that's like a vine choking out a tree.  Why, I ask, won't this pain leave me. Why, I scream, did he do this to me.  
Before the sun rises, my mind is alive, and trying to break me from the silence my thoughts have devised.   "Is it really worth it? am I a worthless person?"
I walk with no fear in my city fear is a feeling just not within me though sometimes I get weary, I weep in silence   I just want to be great girl, that's what I'll say  I need no lights, nothing sparkling
Metaphorically I am a simile, like an allusion, I AM an oxymoron, a flagrant euphemism, a hyperbolic faux-pas, so masculine, I could metonymously eat a feminist,
Seeing you is a bitter-sweet feeling. Bitter is the taste of your carelessness, of your lack of regard for me, your dear friend.  Sweet is the taste of your words, your glances, your secrets.
I am lost. The only thing I know for certain is that movement is life, so i continue. Each step feels like a mile on my unknown path full of twists and turns.
I am the girl with the new glance each day I open my eyes all bright and shiny The morning shimmers in fresh irises now blue, now green, then brown again Have you ever seen someone so transitional?  
Please say something I’m giving up on you The silence is almost too much to bare Utter my name so I know you still care
Actively Bearing Character she was known to be Daring, Energetic yet certainly Focused and posessing a Genuine Heart Imaginative Joyful and quite Kind she presented her life as a Living Masterpiece
I am s  h a    p e  l  e      s  s Mirrors can’t show,                Photos can’t show,                               Awards can’t show, Me, nor my inner dialogue. Because I am s    h    a pe   l e ss
I am large backyards, clotheslines, and rocking chairs on the front porch. T-shirts and blue jeans. I am the magnolia tree at Grandma’s, the one we played under as children.   I am
I am me I can not be defned I am composed by the finest elements You can not replicate me I am beatiful I am unique I am eternal And so are you    
I am a girl of many things. I am a girl of question. I am a girl of curiosity. But mostly, I am a girl of many things.   I am a girl of rebellion. I am a girl of order. I am a girl of confusion.
I am erratic. A giddy, round-eyed, five-year old. A rocker who has too much soul. Who cried when the wind blows the wrong way. Who giggles incessantly at the break of day.
I was the girl no one cared existed, the girl alone, because I was the girl everyone resented. The young black girl, so shy and frail. Afraid when situations got worse, like living in hell.
Starting college has been pretty fucking hard if I'm going to be honest with you.   Going from straight A's to struggling for C's when I've never had to study before this takes a lot out of me.
A leap of faith she is,never knowing what, new territories and boundaries. She plunges and judges every moveShe has a need to know everything,a need to love what blossoms in the darkand dies in the light.
I maintain myself slightly under the surface so I can pretend I am there... if I must Sometimes I get consumed by it all
I am confined to chains   Dragging me down as I try to rise   Condemned from achievement  
You hear everyone saying, "You know my name, not my story." Well my life is not the definition of glory. My mom was sick all my life, I wish she would be able to see me become a wife.
I'm that brown eyed beauty hailing from the ground in which you threw me.   Singing all the blues of nothing coming through me.    I'm that brown eyed beauty  sliding in between you 
Where are you from? I- No. Where are you really from?
i am sick. Sick of the narcissism that strangles this world. but this disease has infiltrated me, so who am i to talk?
"Laureate's Gambit"   
What Is Love? Is it red the color of my heart, Is love anything and/or anyone, Is love supposed to be fearful, Is love supposed to be stressful, Is love joyful, Is love even love,
What Is Love? Is it red the color of my heart, Is love anything and/or anyone, Is love supposed to be fearful, Is love supposed to be stressful, Is love joyful, Is love even love,
I am a young African American Girl, I wonder why my race is sometimes not accepted, I hear people being biased,  I see others making a bad name for the rest, I want a change, 
I am not what others expect A strong rumble of rain in a desert The look of surprise Through the Natives eyes.   I am like everyone else A mere spec of the unknown The waiting truth.
The cannons resound.Their deafening ringing smothers my voiceSilences my questioning thoughtsLeaves only the orders I was given.  
Genevieve, French name, African girl, American life style You could never walk a mile in my shoes Always felt like I had to prove Am I cool enough?  Am I pretty enough? Genevieve? Gena who?
I was unaware of who I could be And in losing it all, I found myself and I was broken and I was afraid I remember myself, my unknown, stranger self I was mad, and sad, depressed and out of this world stressed
Searching. It seems we all are doing that; To answer the question What is within us? What makes so special
Quiet when hesitant Loud when acceptable Constantly curious Chronically skeptic Usually gregarious But also reserved Possessing persistance Can lack motivation Thinks methodically
I am five. Dancing with a microphone in hand, Screaming at the top of my lungs, Dreaming to be a star, brighter than the rest. Yet, the voices I hear,  those I respect most,
I am you not.  Me, I am me, myself and I.  I am what you would think I would be not.  But I am a mystery not.  Of me seek and you find the true meaning.   Vast knowledge of solutions I have. 
i am a Potato   why does looking like a Potato mean i look bad? a Potato has its own unique set of lumps bumps   but a Potato also has its virtues! a Potato is versatile  
I've been asked, "Describe yourself in one word." But one word cannot describe all that I am. A sweet, shy girl is all they may see, But best believe that ain't all of me. So let this poem give you a taste;
It seems to me the older I get The less I know myself and the more others think they know They say much can change in a year
                  Questions Are The Answers                                                                         By: Wardah Elghazali   Who am i? Am I the person you wish to be?
Look into this mirror and tell them who you see,   Do you see the strong, independent woman, you always claim to be,   Look into this mirror and tell them who is me,  
I Am Scholarship Slam “Envision” Written By Malachi Hinton  
i am not who i want to bei am, what i am perceived as.i am better.i am worse.depends on who you ask,the ones that see me for me,or those waiting to put me in a hearse.who am i? i am.
If you looked for my name on the front of a book, I don’t think you’d bat an eye, For my story would be just words on a page, All meaningless words floating by,  
Just A Christian Compassionate, complex Everyone's friend Your confidant   My name says it all. I love all things, large or small. Quick to anger, quick to forgive.
From the spots to designer clothes to self-pity to smiles I am a book full of picture a page of interest To the straight A's and B's The music that blast daily
Fortitude. It is a word I have grown accustomed to. Fortitude. Next to it, my God given name is found. Strength is embedded in my shoulders proudly supporting this determined head of mine
Reckon life has its own confessions? Or is a critique of its design too taboo? You see, I have this obsession, And I'm sure many people find it normal to do, But I'm not so persuaded.  
This is me, Eyes hazel pools of emotion Hair that used to be a cascading waterfall of golden brown locks Now sheared off above my shoulders in retaliation Skin a caramelized light honey bronze
A Child, told I would not amount to much victim to my past, set up for failure born to a teenage mother and gang affiliated father destined for the road to continue the cycle from a broken home, to no home
Somethings Always Change. By: Abigail Rhea Somethings always change. If I knew how to, I would.  There's more to life than what we've become, but there is what we are.
There's no story to read. I have no end, no start. I am simply a personification of a change of heart.
I Am…
Who am I? How the hell am I supposed to know? For 17 years I was told who to be and where to go. Things have changed, I’m and adult now (or so they say.) Stumbling through life, trying to find my way.
 I  am  what  I  am  which  is  special  and nobody  can  tell  me  no.  I  may  be  sweet  but  also  can  be  sassy, I  am  a lady  that  have  class but  I  am  independent  that's  how  I  act.
Self loathe, self hate- these things you think you can relate. Not for attention, Just a reflection of who I think I am. But who am I really? I don't know.
I am spontaneous! I act on a whim I do not think before I speak A single word in the dictionary A word that describes me perfectly I do not act accordingly  I do not act quietly 
I am... More than I seem to be small With BIG dreams that run free quiet With LOUD thoughts that consume me  I am... More than people say More than my actions of the day More than my past More than my painful memories which seem so vast  I am... M
I am a voice A voice with hope and inspiration To change the world and it's many differences A change to help my love ones To inspire them with words and actions To be a voice for them when they cannot speak
Student. Dancer. Teacher. Diligent. Caring. Messy.  Pianist. Impatient. Average. Intelligent. Artist. Brunette. Woman.  Truthful.  Broken. 
The shallow husk I have breaks.It breaks when I'm alone,When my "friends" leave the room,Then my facade breaks. But lately that facade stays up longer,I hurt others so I am not hurt first,Sarcastic comments, my main shieldagainst those piercing bl
Come to me as you are and I will come to you as I am No secrets, no lies, no promises - you as You, me as Me   I am an introvert, I am a recluse, and lately people have turned away
“In a revolution, the first people to go are the poets” I clashed with Titans Moved mountains without any physical force, but the power of these words made me God-like I am a Poet
A rock may weather   tough as nails   be eroded by time - wouldn’t hear a train passing being skipped
Got red hair. Feel like that’s what people notice about me first. Not my eyes, my smile, My hair. I was born Oct 4th 1998
Every individual from the moment I was born was my teacher and asked me for the answer. There was no question, but surely, there is an answer.  (Somewhere...)  
I am  A gay Catholic   A gay Catholic You say? Can you please Explain?   What’s there To even explain I’m Catholic And I’m gay   But they don’t
Who Am I? Who is this somebody? Am I the same as everyone? Or a different type of person? This is where I have to dig deep.
You wish to enlighten yourself of me? Well, I have not an imposing figure, But a mind with knowledge vast as the sea, In which my intellect and passion stir.
If in a dictonary, you stopped to look for me, you wouldn't find just one word, you'd come across thirteen.   The first word you would notice is a couple pages in. 'Creator' would be highlighted
The White Hot Ghost of My Childhood       I watch him.   I watch as the words push themselves out of his throat, his head jerking up and to the side.
Who am I? Perhaps I am defined by the fact that, according to doctors, I was not supposed to be born. Or perhaps I am defined by the miracle of the fact that I was born.
My leaf’s color bears the most significance. Autumn shades and a smiley face camouflage my introspection. As light and hope for happiness perforate the otherwise
Taking charge of my own reality not swayed by or forced into picking one aspects that define me I cannot define myself by someone else's standards
Hope   Taken away from mother at the age of two Abducted by father without a reason nor an explanation Growing up in an abusive household Stepmother not making me feel welcomed
I am...strong. I am...a warrior. I am...a christian. I am...a depression fighter. I am...an anxiety fighter. I am...a suicide survivor. I am...a person on medication.
Words touch my heart, they leap into my head with vivid images as I gaze into a world that is not real.   A world where I have crowned myself king, making those inconsiderate to me mad
Who I Am   I am . . . driven. Driven to learn, perform, compete, succeed. Driven by coaches, parents, teachers, mentors. As a younger person, my self-esteem was not very high.
  Who am I? Who is the real me? I feel as though I have no true meaning, no identity. I feel as though my two sides, two minds, will tear me apart.   
 I am, Everything that could be Of the opportunities of a lone teen Who, at sixteen            Couldn’t decide whether they had the right to be. Living by themselves in their head
What makes me me Maybe its my crooked smile The way my sunglasses are always lopsided on my face My crazy curly hair  My moles spread across my face   
Ambition is a thing of the past If you do the most work you'll end up last   I wonder why I ever wanted to grow up It's not easy it gets a little tough And in this tough world that I'm facing
Roses are red  Violets are blue I'm so pretty What happened to you?   It's not like I woke up Feeling this way. Sometimes the skies Are cloudy and grey. I think to myself,
I am a fighter, I am an overcomer, I am me. It all started when I was only three. I said goodbye to my mama, Because she wanted the best for me. She got down on her knees,
I know I'm not perfect so why you're judging? Why you giving me that face and mean muggin? We all human running the same race. Some may run at a slow pace Some may finish in first place
  As the sky swallows the sun, the moon is revealed. Your absence is a wound that never fully healed. Foggy nights by the swamp is where I dwell.
I am a leaf.  Ever changing against the evergreens. The cycles of life begin and end with me.  Signs of change are only seen by my fall; But more importantly, My rise Once again 
Dreams come true True they already are Are we doing anything to make them come true True they become if you try
I am an ocean. I am far deeper than I myself know.   Even the best words will never be sufficient to describe the swells that I feel within myself, the swells and currents beneath my surface,
Am I old enough to go, Am I wise enough to show, Am I young enough to grow, Am I ever going to know?   I am young and I am free, At least that's what they see, What I think, they don't ask me,
Contemplating the possibilities of a catastrophe. The reoccurring dreams of you and me, but sadness is all I can see.
I am from the stars forming a constellation in the sky each star shining so bright as they pass by I am from the waves in the shore
I AM I am Human I am a mistake I am a hero I am the rainbow I am a whisper I am a curse Am I unworthy of love? Will I too have fate? I am not a label
I am what God made me. Born a beautiful baby girl. Who thinks she can save the world. But, half the battles believing. The other half's achieving. No one's stopping me from dreaming.  
I ignite a spark within the heart of others. As hard as it may be, I place the pain of the innocent into myself. Clueless am I at times, yet I surprise others with maturity.  
Poetry cannot be taught, nor beauty be described Neither can you see in me something that defined The colors of my skin. Scars are tattoos in many ways - permanent and painful.
A wild untamed stallion That stallion runs so fast that he can never be stopped The only thing that can stop him is himself He stops in the moment of comfort
If I were a word in a dictionary, I'd be the word that is used most often yet easy to skim over. I am Me. You use Me , but you don't really know who Me is.
I Am Not the person I wanted to be as a younger child Because I envisioned my future self to be happy
Where am I from? I'm from fists flyin, and fella's dyin. Blood spillin, and kid's lyin. I am from big fights, and long nights. From, protect your face, to protect your sisters.
Love in her life. Love like the world to an innocent babe. Like a toddler to a father that lifts her on his shoulders. Like a girl to a mother whose hand she holds.
I AM   I am the great Egyptian queen Nefertiti I am the richest continent on Earth Full of gems and diamonds that were robbed from me I am the place that people some to learn
Who am I?   I am a Seed, planted with a farmer’s hope of everlasting growth. As I blossom out of the place I call home.   I am Hesitant, afraid of what could be. Constantly waiting to be accepted.
Maybe I have been falling for too long.Maybe I’m just now able to see why.Too much wind has fallen upon my faceFor me to know for sure about this sky.  
She recuperates, Deserts fly,   Away cries the vast ceiling bat, Shatter my climbing dark vision,   "Don't forget!" Says the graveman, I'm never always alone, Always alone,  
Once a kid now turned man FOR MY FUTURE, I have big plans No one ever said that you can't dream And with hard work, dreams can be achieved I am a big dreamer, with big aspirations I have a lot to do if I WANT TO REACH GREATNESS I
I am a crooked smile from a stranger, I am a note on your car saying "Have a good day" I am the howling laugh behind every bad joke you make I am the color that brightens the page,
When I wake, their is a girl staring back at me. I see her pain, her joy, and above all her mistakes. She has cried herself to sleep,  and through tears told everyone it's okay.
A dance of death Two lovers stuck in a trance Their hearts were forbidden But they chose to walk the tightrope of chance   Once happy Seeing each other from afar Now in despair
To express myself into words cannot fulfill the true definition of me                                         But possibly the feeling I portray could reveal my heart                                                             Poetry inspires me t
Ridin' down the highway I feel the beat of the music Surfin' through the stations The radio waves crash against me As the World's Swept away I'm an Artist with a passion
I am...still the same girl, with the same goals. I am...proud to be the person my family has raised me to be. I am..somebody with faults and insecurities. I am...a strong woman when I'm not completely breaking down.
I am from the south of Japan,26.5 degrees north, 127.93 degrees east.The salty blue water, to the soft, golden sand.
I am a contradiction.Found under the exact definition,yet reading the words found in the thesaurus.
Attending college -  Impossible without help, the financial kind.
  I am here I am born everybody’s eyes behold life can be cold leaving you numb of twisted colors, black and blue
I'm the the giggle that bubbles up in your throat. The sound of the waves. I'm the first slice of pizza. I'm the roar of a crowd. I'am the first kiss that plays on a movie screen. I'm the count down on New Year's Eve. 
I was always taught that being polite was ladylike 
I Am Hip-Hop We Are the music that beats in our chest I Am Water We are more than 60% of water I Am Earth We are traveling on this planet known as Earth, Terra, Gaia
I am...somebody. When I was younger I just knew I wanted to be somebody. Somebody someone could count on. Someone who ment something. As I grew older I felt that I lost sence of who I was, what I was, and who I wanted to be.
  I am a seed I am planted and nurtured, carefully tended as I grow, there is no knowledge of what I will become, a beginning awaiting I am a flower
For years I've sat back and listened to those tell me who I am. I listened and I believed because truth be told I didn't even know who I was. But during those years, I've grown and I've changed like a calipiter in it's cocoon.
I am a leader, it may sound cliche but I am a leader. I am me. Simple and as complicated as that may sound; I live life like any other teenage girl would but I am a leader. When asked "Can you...?" my answer is always yes.
It started at a young age. I thought you knew! Kick after kick, beaten after beaten I ask for it to stop and you said no Did you know all I ever wanted to have that love I thought I should get from you
The 5'10 brown skinned 206 boned female
As a child Confidence was not part of me But I grew up with honesty Friends tried to make me see I am beautiful and that is key   At school I do my very best Working hard and passing every test
I am what I was a born to be, A human to the core, Raised to survive, Nurtured to care, to love, to live, to enjoy.   I am one, but many are a part of me.
The song I play is the song I hear.   The song I hear is the song I see.   This is the song of my life, my story, my metamorphosis.  
Mind floating through the cosmos The allure of the unknown entices me below the surface with my eyes closed wondering why does my mind feel what my eyes can't see coal under pressure is what created me
For many years I was "crazy" Labeled by ignorant adolescents Who interpret sadness as insanity. But how thoughtful they were  To inform me of my worth. They were so goddamn funny,
I am walking. . walking with no destination in mind. . There are lights and people, so many people around. . . They stop, they stop to speak to me and yet I continue walking. . Walking with no destination in mind
I flipped the page, I saw myself. Indubitable; it said, It said my determination and persistence were unquestionable. My future success was undoubtable.
There was a blue swing in the playground In the far corner Where the grass was frosty under my feet The only color Among all the other swings And best of all Apart from the rest The blue swing
I am brave, fierce. I will let nothing stop me . I am a cheerleader with a big smile on my face at every game. I am a pianist whose fingers soar on the keys creating music with a flick of my wrist. 
Maybe the girl in the mirror Deserves everyting she has I don't know whether to care or To destroy the looking glass It's painful to look at something I don't want to see
Open it and you'll find me there what do you see? what do you think? wait... what do I see? give and give and never take forgive and never hate do you believe in fate? honorable indeed
I am Tenacious. Never ceasing. Always pursuing. Over miles I run. An obstacle here, and there, but no matter, I will overcome. Though I may slow, Yet will I never quit the pursuit.
    Beep- beep. Beep- beep. I wish this noise came from my watch, my car’s horn, or my house alarm, but it doesn’t. The back of my left hip makes the steady music. 
I am Different. I walk to the beat of my own drum Because… I refuse to let society attach strings to my flesh I’m nobody’s puppet
I am a blonde haired, blue eyed white girl. I am from rural America. I am from the heart of the nation. I am a God fearing woman. I am the American dream.   Am I?  
I am... pushed aside by those who matter and ignored by those who think they do. Last to be put in, first to be let out.  But one day I will break through.  And they will be stuck wishing they never had a doubt. 
I am a suicide attempt survivor. I was not content, no need to pay rent, Nobody to live in. Other girls could laugh, I'd rather bleed in a bath, and find my own path
What am I? Who am I? Why am I here?   Questions such as these Haunt us Everyday. They lurk in the back of our minds Just to taunt us Everyday. But they do bring our lives
I am a story teller I have been lying to your faces for as long as I can remember Tailoring tales that suit your need for excitement,
In his TED Talk, writer and philosopher, Julian Baggini,  says that who we are is centered around the memories and experiences we have had in the past.  
Please remember the following. You need to remember that nothing is impossible. Understand that no one is better than anyone. Know that money is the root of all evil.
I am a kind, mixed child  I wonder if I will ever be excepted  I hear them talk about me  I see them laugh  I want to belong some where I am kind, mixed child    I pretend everything is fine
A piece of clay on the molding board Constructed by the hands of an artist and teacher Purpled by inky fingers I spin in a whirlwind as the wheel rotates
A gentle tap on the shoulder Followed by a delicate smile. A poke in my side Followed by two. Shimmering blue eyes Stare thru. I was sitting on the floor in full clown makeup,
I am not the sunrise by the ocean, I am not the sound of birds in the morning, I am not the sound of laughter, I am not the things that make us kind.   I am a cry at night from the hurt,
I am a shape shifter, And there is no page in a dictionary on some dusty shelf for that. I was an idea in my mother's mind before my father even knew what love was,
I am Powerful. There is not a single person like me in this world, Nor is there a single person as capable as I, I'm different. I climbed the mountain when others went around,
Tears shattered falling from the cold dark night, Sleep is what I call peace, But is what i mostly feared. The night my grandma was diagnosed with Alzheimers's and diabetes, there was no
I am… independent But I still love the company   I am… strong But I still can show my weaknesses   I am… original Because despite everything that I’ve been through
I am a never ending series Of sleepless nights and crumpled bed sheets Battered from the restlessness of my slumber A lost sheep number 4 A.M's only friend Tired   I am the burnt out light bulb
Who am I? I am tired. Don’t wake me. Don't touch me. I’m lost, Inspired.   There is a time
I am a a female who is currently attending Bassett High School. A senior whose dream is to go to a four year college to become a veterinary technologist.
What am I? 
The music I create is The Sound that paints a silent canvas...listen to my art and hear what I want you to Feel.  
Have you ever felt like  your best is not good enough? You try, and you try, and you try  but it doesn't make a difference You do things that you wouldn't normally do But it doesn't matter?
I am like a wave High crests always striving for my dreams Low troughs refreshing my aspirations Never dissipating as tide hits the shore Unceasing with persistence in my flow 
Your lungs breathe in the galaxy and your chest fills with the universe, and when you speak your words glide like
I never thought I'd be that girl. So in love love with a boy. A boy that consumed every part of my mind. A boy who's simple name could give me a swarm of butterflies in my tummy.
Take one step and the storm rolls in Raindrops of fear and lies and sin Thunderous, screaming taunts The bully, me he haunts Someday the clouds will part; a win
To outsiders, I am just a woman. To my children, I am wonder-woman. There were plenty steps to get me here, although in my eyes compared to where I want to be, I'm no where near.
I am no longer the declarative, so bold Nor am I the forgotten recluse, so cold Relinquish my orthodox views, so old Do not allow myself into the false Fold. The flickering screen beckons, so chaste
I am- The light upon your face The body of the human race  I am-  Me    I am- A crumpled paper on the road The one who dances for the show But always gets thrown with tomatoes 
i found something one dayin a little paper packet,in a box of old pictures and faded clothes.if was dried and shriveled,no bigger than an inch,no marking on the paperbesides the date of my birthday:
Turn to page 33. What do you see? If you bought a copy of Webster's you'd see the word beautiful. Below it you might even find a picture of me. I am beautiful.
I am not who I thought was I have done things without cause I thought I'd be smarter But I have been a martyr Simply standing for what is right No longer having friends in my life  
I am a bright soul, one that desires freedom and serenity I wish to be, a pretty little blue bird, in the tops of an apple tree I can not be remade, I can not be replaced
One of the questions I hate the most is "Describe yourself" "Who are you" Because I don't know what to tell you   Which mask should I put on for you The crazy, fun one who laughs too loud
I am different, from the kids at school. I am unique, among my friends. I am strong, for my family. I am a fighter, with my father. I am weak, for sometimes it's too dark. I am insolated, the darkness consumes me. But I am not alone.
I am a piece of Art not a piece of beauty not piece of meat not a second guess  Art is I molded and formed for nine long months
Small… Unstable, With a stem of many wounds.   Small… And fragile; With rumors they presume.
I've tried to escape from my pain and sorrow I want to get a way but my shadow follows Light does not shine on me For I seem not to let it be Life has captured me And it won't let me free
I am kind, I am emotional, I am bi-polar, I am me, I like to play sports and to run outside, I am almost 18 the highlight of my life, I am almost an adult,
  I am unseen, hardly unheard Through bitter and through sweet Melodies portrayed, rehearsed  And Harmonies that give seat              To the grandiose contradiction. My sound staggers and sways
I am but a shadow of light.  I am darkness, but He is white.  He is my strength in the storm,  My courage when I am worn.  The shadow that is me  Haunts, creeps, and begs me to flee.
I have fallen in loveFallen so hard that there's no way in hell someone could of caught meSo now I'm falling... Falling 
One: Numbers.   Height, weight, age date of birth, social security cell phone number, credit card. SAT score, grade average on a four-point scale, transcripts, salary, expenses, repeat.
I was shy, and closed when it came to conenecting with the people around me. I was quiet, reserved, and uncomfortable in my own skin until it came to my first, high school love.
Ice cold like the Buffalo lake breeze, my heart was born with no such ease. Growing up being alone, not having a family to call my own; So much hate and envy spread amongst us all.
I create the life within you the colours you see the vibrance in the atmosphere   I create the flowers the trees I provide for the creatures of this earth including yourself  
The dark of the night Was darker than any other. Quiet, too quiet. A little girl Shifted and turned in her bed. She felt a chill Run down her spine. She shut her eyes tight and tighter.
"What is it that you are?" People often ask me. "Courageous, confident, kind, and intelligent" are the words that come to mind. I say these words as I impress those who ask
I saw you there. It was late and dark but I knew you still felt my stare.It was quiet there. Glitter everywhere from the signs of Tinkerbell. And I felt no bad vibes here. I felt so alive here. I enjoyed the ride here.
Cannon blows
I am from flat lands covered in tumbleweeds                 From dirt roads and cotton wood trees
One by one, you count, You count, how much you miss
 I know that I may fall
I Am Me By Nereida Reyes  I am a lovable person, a brown skinned Mexican of an independent family, an adolescent girl that is honored.
Its not unusual  No it won't make you delusional To believe that my grief was crafted since birth Made fun of and teased just for walking this green earth
I am about as young as I will ever be the beard is looking thin but the mind is a lifetime of memories like remember? When I was thirteen? Skateboards and bursts of energy
I am woman.  I'm not proclaiming it
She did not know it then but her little sister Jenna waited outside her door every night, listening for sounds of life.  Jenna hid every razor in the house so that her sister could not hurt herself anymore. 
One wish.   I watch the delicate eyelash tremble and then float lifelessly away from my finger. I ponder my inevitable wish-making superstition, questioning why I would even risk the puff
When I was little I took it upon myself and all my three year old artistic abilities To draw a map of the world on my bored of a dresser   Yet in my childish ignorance I had only drawn
I am from Theresa and Imari,
I am uniqe in my own way I show it every day I am not defind by people but simpley by me theres no other person that i rather be I am confident more now I have learned how
I am but a mere quirk in the face of billions, shifting my way down on a path that shall leave me dispersed.     Times have shaped the outline of my brain, leaving me so estranged from the me of the past,
I am working. Don't bother me right now. I don't want to be mean, But there are priorities, They determine how much I can care about something. Right now, work is my prioroty, And you aren't.
I am me, But who am I? forever lost in love
Something miserable just happened to me, But don’t remind me what it will take to be free. It lingers in my brain like it's a type of disease, I’m hurting on the inside but nobody sees.
I am the boy who's story is yet to be told Living in darkness when the fear feels so cold I am the light that beats within Finding my newborne confidence air So I can see  The world is a coaster 
UNbroken I am who I am because I am broken.
It's easy to write about the things that haunt
The desert falls in love Raindrops fall on the barren land How beautiful it is It won't last long Evaporating Leaving everything wanting more.
I am Kayla Aleta Canada. The name Kayla means pure and beloved. Aleta means truthful, derived from Alethia, the Greek goddess of truth.  Yeah, my last name’s Canada, but no, I’m not from Canada. My ancestors are actually from Ireland.
I am a riser get up off the ground and fly higher I am a striver reach out towards the sky and climb higher I am a soul survivor dig deep inside and find my fire I am a riser
I feel like I’m slowly dying I’m drowning myself with out even trying people see
I am a failure. I am a failure at being honest. I am a failure at being punctual. I am a failure for being jealous. I am a failure for being greedy. I am a failure at drinking too much. I am a failure for sleeping with too many people.
Stand up for yourself. brush it off. be brave. move on. be strong. Beaten to silence. mouth sewn shut. eyes filled with dew. Stand up for yourself. brush it off. be brave. move on. be strong.
I am many things.
Initially, this wasn’t exactly the reality of the story I imagined I would be strolling through. Madness intertwined in my balance,
Dedicated to my Aunt Barbara for whom this poem is about, may she rest in peace
Who Am I   Who am I? Just a girl with big thighs? Or according to my dad an angel in disguise? Or am I just a girl in a horrible world?
Ink runs across a
Who am I…?
You were the best thing that ever happened to me. You weren't even mine; I was never yours, I won't pretend, but God, I wish I could've been.
I am………….    My whole life I've wondered “who are you to you”   I'm a woman and I'm black judging me by that is waaaaaayyy to easy to do.  
Imagine a childhood full of hospitals and hopeless dreams. Things going on that you can not fathom. Trips to the after life that are astronomical, but all you wanna do is scream.
Inside her body is a person thriving to come out, Just a person? No, a boy. Assigned the opposite symbol on his birth certificate, They got him in the wrong.
I am a curious child through these brown eyes
Worthless.helpless.Hopeless. These are the words rattling in my head As I lay down night after night  And fight the demons day after day. No rest for my weeping eyes.
Who am I? What can I be? Can I achieve my dreams that transcend the clouds in the sky? Or does this white supremacist society dictate who is me? Always gonna be walls to break down no matter how hard I try
Like clay molded into a beautiful creation ready to be shown off, I am Brave.
the Small girl in the corner of the room sAd about her past Very anxious about what to say or do  worried About other's judging her rarely ever seeN or heard Not sure of who she is
I am... me There's no one word that I'd rather be I'm tall, I'm smart, I have a big heart I'm funny, I'm loud, and very proud I like to be me and that's all I'll ever be.
khelsei: prounouced kelsey, a seven letter name defining a black girl with an opinion, desbribes a young woman with brown eyes, thick legs, full lips, and quick hips,
Once destined to be forgotten in darkness To not recieve any sort of hope But instead was abandoned by all Until one day a miracle happened   A hand reached out to me
I am:         J  for joyful, jovial and just         E  for eccentric because I follow my own path         S  for sincere, studious and simple
I have faced the enemy called life I have suffered many casualties from it It has given me pain, given me strife But even after its strikes... my strength will not plummet
I AM I am loud and funny I wonder if ther will be a future I hear a bird talking
Outsiders looking in will never understand me, Is it really me or the vivid picture society potray me to be makes them can't stand me,
I am not who they think I am 
I am just a voice, A voice drowning in a chorus of others. Others, who are important, who will change the world. The world, the world was my oyster. I was the best. I was a soloist.
I am writing. Sometimes I write because I have no on to talk to. Sometimes I write because I don’t want to talk to anyone. I am a very individualistic person.
I Have Lived but Who am I?   Even at this young age, I have lived more than most I have lived in poverty I have witnessed both of my parents dying due to AIDS I have nearly starved
I am moving forward, no chains shall drag me down. As the waters of life surge forward, trying to slow me down, I fight harder and try to reach the goal -my dream, my own life, my own vision.
I watch the trees, The birds,
I am the shadow of the day I am the nomad I cannot stay Alone by myself with friends
Crazy, Curious, Committed Consistently overthinks simple solutions on purpose Invents creative ideas for a better world Determined, Dependable, Dauntless
This is how it goes: You are yellow you know most embrace the color your small eyes. But I am not!  I am more than that! I have eyes, yes! So do you!
Her eyes are sad, in a strong kind of way. A little girl who believed in the things they pushed away. She loved, She lost, She learned. Her eyes are wise, in a scary kind of way.
I am African I am strong and powerful Idependently I am confident. Not ethicity nor background will hold me back My melanin is beautiful Dark and lovely I will accomplish my dreams
I am a flame. A silent thing. I can keep you warm, or destroy your whole world.   I am a piano key. A little thing. I can help you create beautiful music, or throw the whole thing off.
I Am...     Demoralized? Why? They all wondered...    I'm not the happy soul I portray to be I cry..   most of the time I cry in my sleep or cry and I
I am undefined I don’t fit into the categories of a future Scientist, mathematician, or doctor Where am I to go? Where do I belong? Too many categories to choose from
  I am Ruthanne.
I am a daughter, of teen parents who instilled the value of education in me because of their own missed opportunities. I am a granddaughter, that sees the wisdom and knowledge in my grandparents strands of glistening grey hair.
...I awaken with death sloshing in my mind...   I am washed up again on a liminal shore Where gloaming and dawn converge To wage their perennial war  
I am a tree. My torso resembles that of a trunk, carved perfectly and sturdy enough To support my body. My head is the head of a tree. My thick curly hair
I am... but let's be real.. Should I sit around here waiting for everyone to hear the perfect life story of the college student striving to be a childhood education teacher? I am.. almost there But let's be real..
My mind is my own It thinks on it's feet It does me well   My heart beats A rthym of it's own Loves like no one else   My soul is pure A human I am Mistakes to be made
Once I was a lot of thingsI had a blanket capeA paper crownA fairy gownBut somehow it escapedI was saving galaxiesSo sure of all I knewBut someone stole my powersNow what am I suppose to do?
I've been told my poetry is good I've been told it was horrid I have heard that I've inspired I have heard that I depressed I've heard with my words I reach into your heart and play your emotions like a harp
I thought I was a writer, so I wrote and typed and read.
Loving you was my biggest mistake,
Who am I? Compared to what I am expected to be? I have straight brown hair and light skin. I have freckles on my nose and cheeks. I hope one day I grow up like my mother. Who am I?
Caramel-toffee mixture
I am a man this man I am is not a perfect man
I am so much more than what I think I am I am more than my diagnosis I am more than my medication I am more than my label I am more than the biases and stigmas   I will struggle and have my bad days
I used to be terrified  Of what others used to think.  I used to be terrified  That I was meant to sink.  I was scared to swim Against the familiar waves. If I floated with them,
Not planned, and yet not a mistake My biological felt it was too much on his plate
I've sprouted from the ground below, to tower over my surroundings. I've struggled, bled and gone the distance,
Tough, Smart, Intelligent… Me. I am a fighter. Leaping over obstacles and accomplishing dreams. Pushing through the sludge of life contaminated by depression, homelessness, and debt,
I’ve never liked how I look.
I am the light in my mother's eyes The joys and tears we share together  the white lily floating in the pond 
Growing up in a border town, I felt like the runt in a litter of kittens My skin was a few shades lighter than everyone else that every time a teacher turned off the lights, everyone assumed that I would glow in the dark  
Father, At times like this, I need your comfort; Your loving arms to hold me tight. I need that still small voice to tell me, "Child, It will be alright."   Lord, I believe. Though, sometimes I waver.
Life to me is a painting of a keyhole and beyond the door is the road less traveled, above are the skys unseen and below the roads unpaved. Then there is me who sits and stares through a looking glass at the world beyond the pain;
I am different...
If you have to know about my dreams, you should know they are very realistic. Sometimes I wake up during the night, wishing I was there instead of here, in real life. Dreams are people’s escape place.
  I am the un-romanceable. The unbreakable. I am the character you rarely see. I stay on the sidelines joking. I listen, to stories unending. Their lives laid in front of me.
I am not a poem. Typed letters can take you to other worlds But not inside my head. I am as infinite as the universe As impossible to map as existence My body could fit in a refrigerator box
I am a Human being I am a poet I am a college student I am a migrant because I have to be here for a better life I am proud of my roots I am someone who talks from within Someone that loves his mom
I am from a Caucasian mother and an African American father
I am... The worst moment in my life The best in my strife The most precious thing I can't measure When I'm under pressure ... But this world is undoubtedly the greatest of all treasures  
When I was younger I hid my face within my ma's bosom
I am flawed I climb the highest mountains and slip into the darkest abysses I get jealous
Faking the smiles And having the grief pile She grew up Got stuck in the black She wish she could take All the scars back. So she writes, Hoping to reach Someone with the same fight
We all walk around like award winning actorsPut on a smile fo people to see Yet it is all for show and we are hurting  inside I know I do the same So here goes for the best actor
There comes a day where my life is happy There comes a day where my life is sadness There comes a day where my life is love There comes a day where my life is frustrating and confusing
Flip the page  To come across a spell Like a mage But spotted about a word of myself dwell I defined as spiffy Being strike as average But on the inside as iffy I can be a bandage
I AM… Cultured.
I am who i am ! Hey my name is Julius I grew up to be the person I am .
I am a young lady  
i am the girl who wakes up every morning and smiles  cause id rather smile and feel good about a bad situation morrow in pity.  im the girl who laughs out loud because one laugh can start a smile
i am the girl who wakes up every morning and smiles  cause id rather smile and feel good about a bad situation morrow in pity.  im the girl who laughs out loud because one laugh can start a smile
I am...behind the lens. Listening, looking, learning. Viewing life at every angle. Visiting past memories. Loving, laughing, living. I am The Photographer.    
your looks do not matter  your size does not matter  look in the mirror place your hand over your heart  and close your eyes. That is who you are, not some label some girl put on you.
Sean Pyles I Am   I am "Sean don't touch that" and "Leave me alone,"
When I look in the mirror  who do I see? Is it who i once was?  Blissful, innocent, and naive or perhaps who I seem to be now Cynical, evil, and informed  Or even who i plan to be
I take away the smiles of millions From older people all the way down to children When you find me there's never a loving thing to say All I do is take your loved ones away
I am strong  I am fragile I am brave I am scared... Three years old, mommy said "some people just don't get along" Before I knew it, mommy found somone new and daddy did too
Some day you wake up and you feel something in the air. You know something is lingering around you. You feel it hanging off of your skeleton. A nipping of fear and knowing.
i am shapeless-shaping-shape deficient 
                                     I Am…   Aware of people’s feelings, as I seek acknowledgement of my own Sympathetic to the outcasts, because I have been there
My mental pen is at it again.
I will endlessly fight For what is right. I will be the light For those that reside in the night. I am the shining beacon of hope. I will walk on a teeny-tiny rope Just to save a life.
I am Unknown I am Depression I am Anxiety I am Suicide I am Human I am Me But who is me? Who is this person? Who am I?   I am a teenager that has been suffered in anguish
  I ‘am a risk taker,   Going along with the current of life  
I Am Edgar Vega
Another Brick in the Wall   I am a brick. with cement I stick to the other bricks. We grow and we fall. My biggest mistake of them all,
Each time we are left we wish the other person the best 
  I wake up every day and take a nice long stretch Noticing my room is a mess My energy cannot be spent on the trivial Instead it is spent on the vital: Getting up, sitting down, eating, breathing,
The struggle of oppertunity The day that i broke of so much misfortune  With several scattered roads   The past with my mistakes the choices that i made poor the impossible oppertunities
I've got a confession to make. If you asked any of my friends who I am They'd probably tell you that I was born in Sharpie marker Black of course; an attempt to cover the fact
I am beyond Beyond what others thought of me I am smart,kind,sweet, and salty Hispanic? Well, yes. But the ethnic, racist comments do NOT define me 18 and I am NOT pregnant nor have I dropped out
I am the mother of a child who cannot speak I am the daughter of a soldier who lives through days like war I am the lover of a man who has more edges than curves I am the friend of a woman scarred   
The first thing you should know about me is that If I do not get at least four solid hours by myself every few days I will snap And the second thing you should know about me is
I loved him my cowboy he loved me the same i loved him my cowboy i was his dame ive loved a lot in my life so much that love is just another word ive met some boys who I thought were my all
I am tall with brown hair My eyes are not blue, but green I am not boring where as my personality has flare My name is not cathleen nor kathleen I am me   My name is Taylor not Tailor
They told me I was smart.
Some people might see me as just a pretty black girl Some people might see me as a "laid back" or "chill" person But who I am is much deeper than what they see on the surface
Who am I? 
Dear Future Me,   If you are reading this letter, That means you are in your early twenties. Fresh out of college And eager to start your journey into the world.
When all you feel is tired And don't know where you belong Like everything you've ever done Is completely wrong. How do you keep living How do you survive
Who am I?
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