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Taken away from mother at the age of two

Abducted by father without a reason nor an explanation

Growing up in an abusive household

Stepmother not making me feel welcomed

 Living in fear and no one to turn to for twelve years.

The odds of surviving were none,

Hope was my strength to manage through.

Consistently belittled by whom I thought to be family members.

Manipulated to believe I was being cared for.

Not having a voice nor anyone standing up to protect me.

Looking for help and no one to turn to,

Focusing on school was my way to escape

Days and nights praying for a miracle to occur.

The will to care for others, was more powerful than to acknowledge what was being done to me.

Thriving to maintain a higher achievement, was the way to pretend that everything was okay.

Not allowing the anger consume nor betray me.

Not allowing my pass change my beliefs.

Walking through a long dark tunnel as I reach the end, little did I know I would find her standing there.  

My mother with big a smile and tears rolling down her cheeks.

For my mother to stand before me and see the neglect without saying a word was more meaningful than pretending for twelve years that nothing was wrong.

Took me under her wing and protected me from all harm and challenge to remove the blindfold I had.

Demonstrating how life true colors are and the beauty of life can really be.

Understanding the power of hope how it can really be, when you are in need.

Life was bad but now it’s great

Now that they are gone and I can finally breathe.

Walking with my head held up high I can finally be ME.

To have experienced the true meaning of hope is what changed me.

My mom’s unconditional love is what gave me freedom.

Now I can start building my own kingdom.

Work and patience my mom always says,

My pass is the story that laid the stepping stones to thrive for success.

I understand and accept what I have experienced and I am proud to say that I am hope.





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