Sometimes boys change their minds


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I loved him my cowboy

he loved me the same

i loved him my cowboy

i was his dame

ive loved a lot in my life

so much that love is just another word

ive met some boys who I thought were my all

but boy you walked in and I knew instantly I'd fall

the other boys I liked I left them in the dust

because I never knew how much for another I could lust

 that night he told me countless lies

just so he could get me into bed, I sigh

i gave him my all because that's what I felt

he called me his princess as he undid his belt

i was tired but he'd get upset 

he ignored the pain behind my eyes as I was filling with regret

i didn't understand then how I'd never forget

how he'd turned me into his little pet

i now lie awake trying to cough up his spit

i used to be a fresh cigarette never lit

unharmed by the fire that now burned within me

i lie in the ashes at night and now of course see

the price I had to pay was not a small fee

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