Inspire Me

I became awake when I was taken away from you

I've seen too many fall short of the path of sucess 

Anxious is what I become when I think about you

To have another name across my chest 

Feeling the comfort from my track spikes 

Reacting to the starter gun exploding to the line 

Thank you bean for that mentality

We are two sports apart but the mindset is the same 

Waking up throwing weights never taking a rep off

Stalking detail is a key componet

I will never be satisfied at where I'm at 

I promise to never be comfortable 

GIve me strength I got the work 

Watching you surpass your limits set a fire within my spirit

Reading you left the world like that scraped my skin 

Trying to express these feelings are barbed wire wrapped around my neck 

The sorrow i feel but I have to push past my limits

I refuse to give up on this dream 

I knew I was in love with running track when I won my first race 

I knew Kobe Bryant was one of the greatest by his work ethic 

As I watch the sky I cry

May you and the rest of those involved rest peacefully 

I'm locked in and I promise to go harder than ever 

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