define the undefinable....I Am

I am a curious child through these brown eyes do i define myself undefinable though my society says otherwise in my mind i say i am passion

I am that heat that rises in your cheeks baring color in an oh so dull world

I am an outcast that person you're afraid of until you figure out  i am nothing more than a gentle spirit trapped in a lion's body a tender heart i possess ,but yet i am an artist what you see as normal i see as millions of masterpieces hidden in plain sight look into my eyes and you can see the dreams of better days and ocean sways as i dance to music that noone can hear but me just when i think i would have it figured out life would change the course and i will morph into someone different  

i use to be a caged bird alone and cold but as time progressed i learned the essence of spreading my wings learning to fly  shifting to fit the situations at hand of course people tend not to understand  and ask why my answer judge me by the seasons i would say growth is needed in all areas

 you'll seem to understand the more you are around me every day is different so why shouldn't i be that's if you can find me reliable i am that fine wine that's hard to find and that you sometimes just stumble upon when you least expect it

a soulbound treasure i am that mistake that you cherish forever  

i am mighty like a southern rushing wind that you learn to embrace freeing yourself to get lost in my thoughts although they may seem dark the purpose behind who i am and how i define myself may cause a shock

i am dark and beautiful like the moon on a cold dreary winter at night i guess you can call that the mystery of my life ...the goal is to be solved

i use to wonder why am i here what may be the purpose of a troubled soul like me but being perfect was the focus instilled in me at the youngest of ages my father once said whatever you want to be be it but be the best that you can be and unfortunately i would soon find that is impossible sun kissed and refreshing they say i'm am an old soul trapped with a young mind i take notice of the changing times but sometimes i still fail to realize there will be a change in time by these things i choose to define who i am and what i can be searching for myself in this world taking my attributes and devouring the traits that come with them to construct the persona of myself what do they call a Drashall they call her fresh and sweet  like the nectar of a jasmine on a hot spring day loving like a mother's heart and all these things are enraptured inside me illuminated with the power of words like the the sun on a hot summer day if the  was a world was a dictionary i would say i am undefined you can describe but ever find the raw emotions and the inner workings of something so beautiful and unique but at the end of the day that is just me and who i say i am.  

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