A Letter to My Future Self

Dear Future Me,


If you are reading this letter,

That means you are in your early twenties.

Fresh out of college

And eager to start your journey into the world.

But there are some things you must remember.


When you wake up in the morning

Think about the years that have already surpassed you,

So fast, that all you are able to see is a blur.

Like flipping through pages of a book

With no notion of time, and no warning.

Take a moment to examine these pages of life’s book.

Their discoloration, their wrinkles.


And when you finally do get up,

Do it with a smile.

Because you are you.

Remember that.


And that includes all of your little quirks and idiosyncrasies.

Like the way you often sing out of tune… and forget the lyrics to the song.

How you set your favorite part of the meal aside so that you can eat it last.

The way you can sleep only after you have said goodnight to everything, save the moon and stars.

How you say good morning to everything, save the sun and clouds.

Your irrevocable obsession with penguins

The way the paper is smeared a little from your writing because you are left handed


Eat until you are full.

But only vegetables.

Don’t be stubborn, but be firm in your decisions.

Don’t be afraid of growing old.

You know what they say: “Like a fine wine we get better with age” ... up to a certain point.


Don’t ever fall in love.

Because you can always fall out of love.

Don’t confuse candle-lit dinners at expensive restaurants

And jewelry and flowers for love.

When he tells you that he can’t live without you,

Don’t fall into the trap.

Don’t let the mirage of romanticism

And the diamond engagement ring

Cloud your judgement.


If he hits you, then leave him.

Don’t stay because you are afraid of him.

Remember her mistakes so you don’t have to make the same ones.

She thought he loved her. But the fighting shows otherwise.

Don’t tell yourself that you do not deserve better like your mother did.


And when you do find the one,

Become friends first.

That way you will know each other and he will love you because you are you.

That way you will have already spent a lifetime together.


And love yourself.

Every night, look in the mirror at your reflection.

If you see something that you don’t like,

Reshape  and mold yourself

Into the person you want to be.

And love yourself.

Because how can you learn to love someone

If you don’t even love yourself?


Because they don’t tell you to build a brick wall around yourself and shut people out.

You just do.

And they don’t tell you that because of your parents’ mistakes, you have a higher risk of becoming addicted just like them.

They don’t tell you that you are a lamb thrown into a world of wolves.

If you don’t keep guard, they will tear you to pieces and they will devour you.

But you are the exception

You will make a difference.

Remember that.

Best regards.


P.S. When you wake up in the morning, think about the years that have already surpassed you.

Like the turning of pages in a book.

And when you do get up, do it with a smile, because you are you.

Remember that.

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