Melanated Fortitude


It is a word I have grown accustomed to.


Next to it, my God given name is found.

Strength is embedded in my shoulders proudly supporting this determined head of mine

Resilience is my backbone and my jaw is set by grit,

so my legs will not falter nor my eyes cease to shine.

Fortitude is my being in it's enirety,

Look for it's sister "endurance" and you'll find that

I'm the epitome.

Don't mess with me and my six pack of bravery.

Chisled for greatness

Designed for a future divine,

My melanated entrances and gravity defying 'fro was looked upon like a joke to some.

For some reason they couldn't match it with my lyrical intelligence or mathematical reasoning.

So they coughed up pathetic discriminatory microaggressions like:

"So you don't speak ebonics?"

"Your hair would be unprofessional if you worked in that field right?"

"You're like the smartest black kid i've met!"

While screaming internally and boiling with frustration,

I kept my cool and rolled my eyes sharply as their presence of ignorance grew heavy.

I grew from the endless support of my parents.

My blessing from my Maker.

They are the roots that hold me firmly.

Always rooted for me.

I strived and achieved perfect grades and entered multiple competitions,

Besides, i never believed in restricting my ambitions

No matter the looks or rude comments thrown at me

all because my melanin pops severly.

Ha...can you believe this was middle school?


Now in high school.


Is what shaped who i am today.

And i am college and later med school bound too.

Now i would hint you on what i have accomplished thus far...

But instead how about i show you my resume and perfect GPA?

I don't mean to sound prideful,

My roots have taught me modesty...

But they also taught that sometimes you gotta "pop" or stand out to shine...

And keep courage in the midst of adversity.




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MVP-Most Valuable Poet

amazing as always

keep writing sister, you're going to move lives.


Thank you so much!

MVP-Most Valuable Poet


you're an amazing writer

how's school? how you been?

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