I think, therefore, I am.

Mon, 10/12/2015 - 21:57 -- Lsangre

I thought I was a writer,

so I wrote and typed and read.

I brought out all the crazy thoughts

that lived inside my head.

When all my thoughts were finished,

and all the words used up,

I crumpled up the paper,

and gave the writing up.


I thought I was a bassist.

I practiced day and night,

but when it came time to perform,

I choked up with stage fright.


I thought I was a dancer,

so dance is what I did.

I spun and turned and leaped and twirled

right off the stage and hid.


I think I know, I dream it,

but doing it is key.

All that I have left to do,

is find what's right for me.


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