I found inspiration in my everyday

I know that's a very bland thing to say

but I am my inspiration for my existence to stay


I am inspired by how I have become

What I have created 

and what I have stated


I look in the mirror and instead of poems of sorrow

I love myself like no tomorrow


I don't write poems with broken in the title

I don't talk about darkness and being suicidal 

I don't try and degrade my everyday 

and now I want to stay


I speak on myself and how I am happy,

how I am free,

how I am me.


I keep these memories

not just to see

but to show what I am

and what I can be


I can make art, 

even when its hard


I can make people smile,

and warm a room for miles


I can keep someone warm

in the wake of their own mental storm


I can speak and write expressively

and I am grateful that I can see

the crazy but beautiful world around me


So please show me,

How I can inspire thee

by just a thought

or a memory

of who I used to be. 


Let me show you the light of the day

because babe,

it will be okay at the end of the day. 

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