Wed, 10/28/2015 - 16:12 -- Acenes

I saw you there. It was late and dark but I knew you still felt my stare.It was quiet there. Glitter everywhere from the signs of Tinkerbell. And I felt no bad vibes here. I felt so alive here. I enjoyed the ride here. Let me take your hand and we can fly. Let's just soar through the sky and wave hi to the friendly locals. Run through the forest and lay down and watch the stars form into something unusual. Look, isn't this beautiful. I seen it in your eyes you were unforsure about our stay but I convinced you to stay anyway. Seen that mean ole pirate and we could tell he didn't like it. Us being young and free. Seeing the world from an angle others will never see. He tried to make us sad but you shooed him away. Just like you saved the day and I liked that. It was turning day and we had to go back but I never want leave. Everything is lovely and everything I wish and dream for comes to life. Walking through the forest barefoot feeling the mist in the grass. Looking for the boat where we saw it last. Holding hands so we wouldn't be apart.This makes my heart melt as we go find our start. Tinker came around and helped us fly back to the spot where we locked eyes. We waved goodbye, closed our eyes and back to the windows we escaped.

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