I Am the Stallion

A wild untamed stallion

That stallion runs so fast that he can never be stopped

The only thing that can stop him is himself

He stops in the moment of comfort

stops in the moment of reason

He’s taking a glare of serenity and harmony

thinking about how beautiful it is

Once the stallion loses interest he’s off again

The stallion is nomadic

Always looking for more and more

never giving in to society

The stallion looks to develop his soul

looks to develop himself

But the stallion is still growing

always looking to grow stronger

he knows that he isn’t the biggest stallion in the field

knows that there others are quicker and wiser

However, the stallion never backs down from a challenge

He never steps down because he knows that it’s the only way

the only way to get better, smarter, quicker, and stronger

He is a stallion

The most powerful creature in the land

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