A Name Which no Song will be Titled as: Julissa

You hear everyone saying, "You know my name, not my story."

Well my life is not the definition of glory.

My mom was sick all my life,

I wish she would be able to see me become a wife.

I used to think that it was because of me,

Now I just wish jesus would have heard my pleas.

Caring for her impacted me more than the world,

I become depressed and took my life in my hands and hurled it.

Like a boomerang, it came right back. 

I have to find my knack.

I joined the fire department and the brotherhood,

From then on, I knew it would all be good.

My spirit became lifted,

I met the love of my life who believes that I am gifted.

My life is coming back from being crappy,

I am finally getting to be happy.

My mom was my life for nineteen years,

Now it is time that I live without my fears.

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