Mind. Spirit. And Power.

Suddenly I became ur reflection in my mirror.Suddenly things have changed when the worlds' issues grew bigger.And overtime I mesmerized about the shit that i was sick of.Putting in work for people who couldn't care to even pickup.My moral benefits and the heavenly soul thats been sent.I promise to God that I'd quit and dedicate myself for repent.But negativity really get to me, until I wake up from epiphanies.I make so much mistakes sometimes i sit back and say "silly me".Nobody is perfect but I'm steady feeling worthless.In this life full of pain, I don't think that I deserve it.Carrying all this weight, and blocking out all them burdens.But yet my soul keep clouding up like someone just closed the curtains.Im finding true meanings and analyzing to find a reason, that life kills and why these ppl are settling for this treason. Im trying not to believe it but it keeps me up fighting demons.Trying to open my eyes and wake up but I just keep on dreaming. My mind is working like playdough But i make sure to keep it modest.I do no more over thinking, I just give my thoughts to my Goddess. Till i can rise up and devour this Mind, spirit and power. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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