When I was younger I

When I was younger I hid my face within my ma's bosom

I cried as one who knows not what else to do. 

I lived as only a baby can.

                        Then, I grew

 To the world I revealed my face, and on my legs I became steady.      

Introverted, talkative, friendly, hostile. I wore many contradictions. 

They were all accurate.                                           

                                            Then, I grew  

Chunky twist springing from my head. Knowledge floating within.

A depressed state known only to me darkened my soul.

My tears were plentiful.

                                      Then, I grew

I released the demons I'd once harbored, and I prospered.

My heart still ached for something unknown though.

Something that would permanently fix me.

                         Then, I grew 

I was too smart to be so gullible. Too strong for him.

I was too wonderful to be played for a fool.

So, my foot was put down.                               

                           And, I grew   

Today, I know who I am, and how far I've come.

I'm out going, I'm kind, I'm nerdy, I'm happy. 

And I know that as a person.....................

                    I will continue to grow 


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