A Day Before the Darkness

Fri, 10/09/2015 - 19:14 -- sbhbob

I am constantly pursued by malignant fiends.

They find me when I hide, expressing their hatred.

Finally I asked them what I did to be demeaned,

To be scorned, to be constantly run into the ground.


They replied in a way I did not expect, saying

“You, Skyler Hope, would be the end of us

If you realized who you really are

And stood up to fight our God-forsaken souls.”


“If you quit hiding,” another chimed in,

“And started fighting with all your grit,

We couldn’t stand a fraction of a chance

Against your power, your light, your might.”


Could it be true? I wondered, yearning

Yearning for serenity and an end to black

I try to think of a day before the darkness,

but the cursed fade to black blocks it all.


Searching, I found the book I always had

Crying out, I discovered the Savior I took for granted

They brought me the light I desired

They healed the afflictions I was bearing.


The devils don’t stop coming

And sometimes they still win a battle

But I began to stand and fight

And now I know my potential light.

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