One Leaf

Thu, 11/05/2015 - 21:24 -- Izzy F

My leaf’s color bears the most significance.

Autumn shades and a smiley face camouflage my introspection.

As light and hope for happiness perforate the otherwise

People fail to recognize,

Pass me by without a backwards glance,

Leave me for lost beneath the overcast.

These d o t s dance my leaf abroad, yet,

Unable to collect a lengthy look,

Prove it f  r a  g  i  l  e.


My leaf has but one protrusion, STEM, that

Clings to every goal-to-be-reached.


My leaf has breadth; unfurled reveals

Withstood weather past,

The best I could do.


My leaf has edge;

Testing my tempered patience

Brings you to the point.

Point blank from my sharpest tongue.


My leaf is yet a soft spot for the differences

Among all those I love,

Cautioned against cliche and the careless wind.


Though my thoughts remain obscure,

This leaf symbolizes my unique circumstance,

Like the calm in a storm that stirs the trees,

As do many for others for the many reasons there are.


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