Positively Positive

I close my eyes to see a pain that's rooted in my psyche

a pain that's like a vine choking out a tree. 

Why, I ask, won't this pain leave me.

Why, I scream, did he do this to me.


I must remain positive. positivley.


My pain has turned to frustration.

Please, oh please, I'm on my knees. I beg for my salvation.

Is my mind condemned to this condemnation.

He's tranformed my thoughts into an abomination.


Being positively positive is my manifestation.


We had to get away, but his threats were forcing us to stay.

My freedom like trash, I had to throw away.

A garbage can in an alleyway,

my happiness there to stay.


I am acrimoniously, positively positive. Better make-way.


Frustration turned to rage,

my life cannot turn it's page

a page doomed to be trapped in a cage

a cage inside my rib cage.


One must be positively positive through any age.


In my rib cage my heart has caressed

something brillant known as forgiveness.

forgiveness is bliss,

and rage is dismissed, and thrown to the abyss, one like a furnace.


I am positiveily positive.

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