I was, I AM, I will be

I was the girl no one cared existed,

the girl alone, because I was the girl everyone resented.

The young black girl, so shy and frail.

Afraid when situations got worse, like living in hell.

Wanting company, a companion, a friend

Someone there for me, waiting to hold my hand.


I AM the girl who pushes until the end

The girl that never gave up, when nightmares began,

I AM the girl that was shy and frail,

the girl that made it through everything close to hell.


I AM the girl that decides my destiny

The one that will not be categorized by society.

I AM the girl that paints her own image.

The girl that is a little stubborn, ambitious, and obstinate.


Because of my environment,

you may assume I am senseless, confused, and headless.


Because I am female,

you may assume I am indefensible, decrepit, and powerless.


I AM not what you make me

I AM fearless, courageous, and audacious,

Simply because I AM who I make myself.


I will be the girl you see as a threat

I will be your envy, your malice, your rivalry.

Because I will continue to prosecute every single goal I AM after.


Because I was, I AM, and I will be


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
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