I am... but let's be real

I am...
but let's be real..
Should I sit around here waiting for everyone to hear the perfect life story of the college student striving to be a childhood education teacher?
I am.. almost there
But let's be real..
Im struggling.
Its hard.
Because I'm sitting here waiting for the teacher to kick me out the chair and say.. get out there.
I am.. not ready..
But let's be real..
Because I'm sitting here day by day, learning about something by diction when I should do the hands on learning I fully deserve.
I am.. impatient
But let's be real...
Im just trying to do my thing, get a teaching licence but I might have to transfer because financial aid isn't covering for me.
I am... upset...
But lets be real...
Financial Aid wanna be like "You get two toppings on your pizza, you don't need financial aid"
I am.. confused..
But lets be real..
My mom is lucky that we can afford some kind of pizza
I am... #broke college student problems
But lets be real...
I just wanna go to school so I get this over with already.

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My family
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