Crafted By Time

I ignite a spark within the heart of others.

As hard as it may be, I place the pain of the innocent into myself.

Clueless am I at times, yet I surprise others with maturity.


Molded like clay, my persona is not perfect.

Shyness, intelligence, anxiety, all clash within my head.

Curiosity for the unknown inhabits my eyes and ears.


For what I love is the greatest love unfeared.

Running around searching for the key to happiness is part of my quest.

What I truly wish for is eternal bliss.


I prefer being hurt, rather than see loved ones hurt.

Gladly will I stand for what I believe.

True justice, peace, and happiness are what truly needs to be achieved.


Dreams within my head reach further than the entire galaxy.

Words from my mouth come about in random installments.

There are no limits which can censor my randomness.

Like a cloud, it drifts about my brain.


I fell in love with the thought of being in love.

Pronouncing one's dedication for another is heaven on a platter.


Sweeter than a apple pie in spring’s delight,

I tend to see the best out of others.

Every human deserves a chance to express.

If anything, emotion is demanded to be felt.


As a rose wrapped in the stars, my potential continues to grow.

Constant light emits from the sincerness within my heart.

Although not perfect, I aim to create an everlasting legacy.

So the world may know what intergalactic gem it created.


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