My Voice

I've been told my poetry is good
I've been told it was horrid
I have heard that I've inspired
I have heard that I depressed
I've heard with my words I reach into your heart and play your emotions like a harp
I've been told some of this writing is to dark
I've been told I pull a coard of your heart you often hate to embrace
Let me share with you what I see
Let me show you what it feels like to be me
My words are all I know-
My poems....
There my heart a physical form to my soul-
Putting what I feel desire and see in a way the rest of the world will accept
So please tread lightly here
My poems are the only time my heart can speak without fear of judgment
My heart leaves it all there on the paper
Like a busted pen refusing to stop pouring ink out onto the notes my heart does the same.
Do not limit my passion
Please don't silence my voice
Let me play your heart like a harp so you can feel what its like to see the world from a different view point.

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