I AM...a Dreamer

Thu, 11/05/2015 - 20:07 -- Z. Webb

Words touch my heart,

they leap into my head

with vivid images

as I gaze into a world

that is not real.


A world where I have

crowned myself king,

making those inconsiderate to me mad

because I lock them behind

golden bars so they’ll never escape.

I do not wish my world full of hate.

So all of them must perish

under my power.


It is I who controls all fate

inside my soul.

And I know- I’ve been told

it’s not real;

but this dream land makes me feel

like no other person can.


Many try to lend a helping hand,

to pull me out of this merciful land.

But I won’t,

I can’t ever leave

this identity I’ve built over time.

It seems to be my only life line.


And so they call me,

a dreamer.

They know how to hurt me.

They know they can.

But I’m here to tell them:

I’m proud of who I am.


And I won’t ever change.

I refuse to be the same

as my brothers and sisters

outside my fantasy land.

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