I am from

I am from flat lands covered in tumbleweeds

                From dirt roads and cotton wood trees

I am from the fields whose crops feed a thousand

                From cows, coyotes, foxes, and horses


I am from flip phones and lemonade stands

                From Ramen noodles and Rug Rats

I am from Sunday morning church and football afternoons

I am from Dragon Tails and Blues Clues cartoons in the morning


I am from a generation of change

                From smart phones and tablets

                From laptops and wireless internet, smart TV’s,

                                and video game consoles


I am from a country with the first black president.

                From a world whose values have changed.

                From a world who believes in war and not peace.

I am from a nation, who keeps God out of schools,

                From a nation, who wonders where God is

                                only when things go bad


I am from Mike and Jonna

                From two families of different kinds

                From a family of four girls

I am from a family with tons of cousins.


My life is full of people and memories

Memories that make me who I am

                and people who make where I am from so great

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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