I am a Victim to the Single Story


6797 Wilmont Lane, Highland, CA 92346
United States
34° 7' 48.6732" N, 117° 10' 22.35" W

A Child, told I would not amount to much

victim to my past, set up for failure

born to a teenage mother and gang affiliated father

destined for the road to continue the cycle

from a broken home, to no home

an orphan, now a ward of the court

fifteen years around drug abuse

I am alone

A Teen, ashamed of my past, scared for the future

not wanting to be my story, but shaped by its culture

parentless, looking for positive mentors

on the road to recovery, still looking back

wanting to be given any opportunity

defying all ideals and odds

nowhere near my born destiny

but an active member of society

hoping for the best, striving for success

a future forensic psychologist

greater than my story and past

setting up to finish my path

I am a Conqueror 


This poem is about: 
My family


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