-Duplicitously Me

Before the sun rises,

my mind is alive, and

trying to break me from

the silence my thoughts have devised.


"Is it really worth it?

am I a worthless person?"

I know it's just a glitch within my circuits,

but the surplus of their sternnes has me wordless.


It's a writ of habeas corpus,

and I'll build up a fortress, within the forest

it'll be my rigor of mortis

to defeat these evil forces.


I ponder if I'm a goner,

but I know that I am stronger

than these somber monsters

with which I will conquer.


I'm a survivor,

not something to strive for,

not necessarily an eyesore, 

but something you can't ignore.


Behind what I use to see,

is something of infinite possilbility. 

Representing astonishing divinity,

-Duplicitously    Me.

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Our world
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