I am...

I am a a female who is currently attending Bassett High School.

A senior whose dream is to go to a four year college to become a veterinary technologist.

A girl who is afraid to graduate and start a knew life where she has to become independent but at the same time is excited to see what the world has to offer

I'm just a girl who never really became the popular one at school and who never really had that many friends.

I'm that person everybody thinks is shy and timid but in reality is really funny and outgoing when I get the chance to actually meet someone new

I am scared to meet new people

I am the girl who sometimes wishes they can change and be someone else, have a different identity to see what it feels like to be confident in myself and have multiple friends.

But I am also the girl who ends up being proud of who she is.

I might not be the one who gets everyone's attention or talks to a lot of people

But at the end I am the one who makes myself unique. Someone I rather be than being like everybody else.

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