I am

I am lost.

The only thing I know for certain is that movement is life, so i continue.

Each step feels like a mile on my unknown path full of twists and turns.

They say survival for the fittist, but in the reality I've come to know it is the richest.

I am within the poverty line that defines who is fit to move on.

And yet I ride that line with more pride in my chest than the rishest of men.

They look at thier fancy watches to see if time has passed but all I need are my eyes.

I witness and change, I grow and conqure.

I travel my unknowns and struggle the whole nine yards but never feel any less than another.

I am not less than anyone or anything. I am equal.

I am lost, but I have no fear in my destination. We are all lost, and ultimatly we find ourselves at the same end location.

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