Wed, 01/06/2016 - 18:23 -- setatro

Seeing you is a bitter-sweet feeling.

Bitter is the taste of your carelessness, of your lack of regard for me, your dear friend. 

Sweet is the taste of your words, your glances, your secrets.

Sweet is the look of you, a beautiful daisy.

Bitter and meaningless are the words you speak, like the herbs from a flower.

Sweet are your bright colors, a beautiful golden halo which adorns you.

The sweet innocence of your petals.

Bitter am I that your beauty lay only on the surface.

For underneath your charm, there is no substance to sooth my pain.

Beneath your innocence there is nothing but a foolish child.

A child yearning for more and abandoning all in search for uncertain adventures.

You are all that is bitter and sweet of a daisy.

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