Call me nature.

Wed, 10/14/2015 - 10:16 -- AhrayaJ

I am a tree.

My torso resembles that of a trunk, carved perfectly and sturdy enough

To support my body. My head is the head of a tree. My thick curly hair

Resembles the leaves and branches extending from its base. My aspirations are to forever

Grow and are embedded into the soil. I can reach all heights.


I am the wind.

My energy flows wherever the wind current takes me. I am can complement the cold weather,

Or balance out the heat. I am free.


I am water.

My words and my actions shall be motivational to give life. I am open to change wherever I’m pushed. I can cut through touch objects, or objectives because I am persistent.


I am nature. I am one with the Earth. I am whole.




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