My Everything

Thu, 04/07/2016 - 17:16 -- msf0701

I grew up in a world rife with uncertainty

Afraid to lift my head up high,

Afraid to contemplate a future where life was worth experiencing.

At every corner there was a struggle,

At every fork in the road there was a obstacle to overcome.

The world seemed naught the place of fairy tales and dreams

but a world of boogie men and grimm happily ever afters.


Growing up I wanted to believe in a better tomorrow,

a day where I could be more then just another child cowed by reality.

I desired for my own happily ever after,

to have a dream that was worth living and

could be achieved by my own means.


It was during a time where life was standing still

that I found my prince charming.

He didn't sweep my off my feet,

or notice me at all at first,

but he made me smile and look forward to a new day.


People said there was nothing special about him

He was just another boy who still needed to grow up some.

I admit to being that child who never listened,

headstrong and set in the belief that I was right and they were wrong.

My prince charming might not be perfect for them

but for me,

he was my everything.


He brightened up my day,

he caused a smile to dance across my face.

He did not care for my imperfections,

he did not shy away from my past or all the truths I had to say.

He did not pretend to be someone he was not,

he gave all that he could so that I was always happy.


He loved me for who I was inside.

I admit that without him I would be afraid of my shadow,

afraid to hold my head up high,

afraid to be my own person,

afraid to pursue my own dreams,

afraid to be someone my family would be proud of.


My prince charming gave me the courage to simply be.

For that,

I can never repay him.

I can only give him my love and the knowledge that

I would be incomplete without him.


He is my everything.

He is my Alex.


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