i am the girl

i am the girl who wakes up every morning and smiles 

cause id rather smile and feel good about a bad situation morrow in pity. 

im the girl who laughs out loud because one laugh can start a smile

and sometimes that just what people need.

i am Hope, the girl that does everything and tells other people not to stess out 

even when im dying inside.

i give realtionship advice even though ive never been happy in one.

i try my best to the one you can always go to.

i Am Hope, the girl that always smiles,

 beacuase smiles are contagous.

I am the one who has the worst spelling.

I am the girl who sings Wicked at the top of my lungs

or else i might go mad.

I am the band nerd who eats and sleeps in the band room.

i Am the girl who stays up till 3am watching netflix and then up till 4am to finish homework

that shouldve been done at 7.

i never take my own advice.

I am the " mom" of the group 

everyone need someone to look out for them.

i believe everyone should be able to feel what its like to be loved and cared for,

the type of love that makes you smile all day. 

I am Hope


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