I Am Legend

“In a revolution, the first people to go are the poets”

I clashed with Titans

Moved mountains without any physical force, but the power of these words made me God-like

I am a Poet

Documenting history inside notebooks like hieroglyphics on pyramids

Storytelling the pain life brings

I am a Messenger

Reciting within these lines tales we are too blind to see or understand

What would you do when life “hits the fan”? Trying to stay on the positive

Walking the straight and narrow but always seeming to be an obstacle in your way

When the devil picks up your call each time you pray and you ask God, ask Allah, Christ, Yahweh, Selassie

“Jah, why you stay so distant from me?”

I am a Witness

I’ve seen the most beautiful things in this life you can imagine

Babies being born; tenderly placed inside the hands of mothers

Unaware the struggles they will have to face in the later years

But at this moment, these children nurse

Ironically, the moment infants breathe into the world, its death sentence begins

We all know how life starts never knowing how it ends,

Paris Talley I’m sorry your mother buried you in your Sunday’s best in a microwave casket watching your skin cooking, peeling off, blood boiling exploding out of your heart

Kristine Floy your Tear drops have always been the inspiration inside my heart…

Telling your story in Lashanda’s body reflecting your body inside a hospital room dying from the Cervical Cancer that almost attached to your soul

Marcelle Dawes you taught me that 13 year olds are not gods but more mortal than a lighter fluid induced  flames

Street light shrines to your lifeless graduation pictures from Ditmas, tears of your mother,

My knees buckling from Willie Lynch’s whip because your demise was part of the system I wanted no part of

I am an Activist

Rewriting the “Birth of a Nation”

I lead Rioting Revolutions that strikes fear in every Klu Klux Klan member and White Supremacist

But this is not Black Supremacy

I’m painting the picture a King once envisioned

I am a Revolutionist

With Spoken Word I will lead this Revolution into a new era

It takes a death to make people conscious to what is going on around them

People create legacies from cemeteries

But while I have my life force, I will force knowledge into nations and make you listen

I am far from inadequate

I am not a quitter

And even if my works doesn’t reach the masses I would rather die failing than to give up

As a poet, I will spit the truth create my own legacy

Monument myself for millenniums to come starting from this century and despite the adversity

I won’t let the ignorant remarks from people who fail to understand my words, despise my voice, and hate the way my cadence breaks down the syllables of my pen’s pain hinder me

This is who I am

I am a Poet, a Messenger, a Witness, an Activist, a Revolutionist

I am Legend

And you will remember me 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

dope poem my brother, very expressive in representing who you are

i'm from the bronx, see you rep bk

keep building 


My brother I appreciate it. Thank you so much!!!!


Poem I performed at Urban Word NYC's Grand Slam Finals held at the Apollo Theater 

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

keep inspiring

i want to keep this mind, never get caught up in poetry slam competitions because it's not about who's better, it's not about who's louder

everyone tells their own story brother

open mics creates that platform, not poetry slams competition.

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