I am Saved.

When I wake,

their is a girl staring back at me.

I see her pain,

her joy,

and above all her mistakes.

She has cried herself to sleep, 

and through tears told everyone it's okay.

She has laughed many laughs,

only to cover up her pain.

Her life is a rollercoaster,

but with God she remained. 

He guided her through her struggles,

and held her in her pain.

He has forgiven her for her mistakes,

and has watched the progress she has made.

She looks in the mirror, 

and there is a glimmer.

The glimmer of hope,

and faith that get her through the day.

In this mirrior is my reflection,

it holds the key to my true self.

There is more beyond my face, 

it is all within.

God has showed her the way

to joy,

through her pain, 

and through her mistakes.

He is the reason I am here today.

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