A Fool for the Clown

Mon, 11/02/2015 - 11:22 -- gsk1998

A gentle tap on the shoulder

Followed by a delicate smile.

A poke in my side

Followed by two.

Shimmering blue eyes

Stare thru.

I was sitting on the floor in full clown makeup,

My face glowing in the black lights.

Jack in the box music and screams echoed around me.

“Will you be my girl friend?” I asked.


She was an extraordinary girlfriend at first;

She made me laugh, smile and helped me with school work,

But as soon as she felt comfortable everything changed.

She stopped answering my calls, blew off our dates, made excuses,

But for some reason I stuck around.

I stayed with her even though I was miserable.

Was it because I had no self esteem, didn’t know better, or wanted to rebel?

To this day I don’t know,

but what I do know is that I would never go back.

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