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What's Look Got To Do With It?   This poem is dedicated to you. Miss. Gorgeous Tina Turner You must comprehend that you turned heads at every corner
I used to think there was no way you could ever let me down, Then you broke my heart and knocked off my precariously placed crown. I used to think I couldn’t live without you,
We do not know When we say goodbye Because tomorrow Only belongs to God in the sky
I'm falling But you won't catch me. I'm falling, Landing out this time. I'm falling But you didn't push me. I'm falling But you didn't pull me. "I can't help it if you're falling"
Back and forth In and out Running away Coming back. Here and there Nowhere to be found I say “I’ll just forget” I say “I’m a clown”. Dancing and turning Lying in bed
I'm not asking for a bouquet of flowers on my step door every single day I haven't asked for handwritten poems on the daily or for you to have to pay I never asked for the moon, the sun, the mountains or the bay
A chaos slumber in peace  Like a dragon in sleep A seizure awaits Everytime she weeps  A sad song or melancholy air 
I think it’s time to let you go I wish this healing process wasn’t so slow  It’s scary being with out you  Now who do I call when the days have been long
On my arm lies the mark i made When i was sad and i cut with a blade In my heart lies the scars you left When you walked away and left me with regrets In my mind lies the thoughts of us
Heartbreak. They say it causes both emotional and physical exhaustion and pain... That was enough to scare me away from it for so long-  Love I mean- I never let myself fall hard enough to get hurt.  
I was always a wolf. Before you loved me, And after you left. Just because i was tame, doesn't mean i forgot my fangs. 
The first funeral i attended There wasn’t too much i understood about death  Relationships that were broken Now mended  With shared sadness  
You looked at me with love and lust, Then i say no you leave me in the dust, Didn’t i mean anything to you,  I guess what they had been saying was true,
I like you...fuck.  Fuck is probably all you have in mind when it comes to me  But these feelings keep growing and my heart is breaking, why can’t you see I like you. 
When it's time to clean the mind So much trash I do find Scrambled up like mixed up eggs Very sick and I beg
Watching you drive away was like trying to stop the rain so I stood there watching wishing you'd come back   Watching you drive away was like being ripped in half I watched you push the gas
<3 we were different but the same my heart: the ground and yours: the rain hand and hand we ran around shocking jealousy through everyone in town we were thunder and lightning
if you ever miss me and hesitate if you should call to tell me or not... just whisper it to the wind and let it carry your words on... maybe i'll be able to feel the coldness of your heart then
I fell in love once, It was a wonderful feeling, I felt like I was loved, Like I mattered, Like someone in the world cared about me. I was so broken
When I fell in love the first time, She felt the same pain as me, I shared with her a song One that we listened to together Its lyrics always soothed us
i'm on the edge, just sitting,  staring out to the mysterious great beyond, nothing else, i dont know what to do he brought me here, and broke me in the process, he should've stayed, to help me
i want to let him go, i want to scream at him, i want to forget him, but a single word and touch from him makes my mind blank and infatuated.
She was always by my side, And she took away my pain. She fixed all of my brokenness That was trapped inside my brain. She shone brighter than a star,
Feels like a suffocating nightmare  Your heart constantly pounding as though it will burst out of your skin Your eyes filled with tears 
Do you remember that one time when you stabbed me in the back then i went to those parties and just sat in the back but the only point of those parties
  I’m sorry I ruined it all, I'm sorry that I wasn’t strong enough And now I just seem to stumble and fall, Over these emotions ruining my brain,
Do you ever sit up at night Staring blankly into your room which consists of no light, because when you dream you dream of the past
do you remember when life used to be great and i wasn’t writing about my stupid life that I hate,   i remembered
As my mind becomes dreary, And my eyes become teary, Again.. I promise myself I'll be strong, But my mind is clouded by fog, of past memories,
I was 17 when I realized I couldn’t swim Jumping into new waters Where my feet can’t touch where I thought there was a lot
with each week,each hour,and every second you captisize my mind with every memory of you you draw tears into my emotionless eyes,only its not just one,or even two,its millions each tear falls as I take my shaking hand and
She sadly walks away Because you never had a heart There was no love Right from the start She gave you everything But, you threw it down the drain When those walls close in
She sadly drowns in tears Because of how you treated her You were nothing but a manipulator Time after time and, year after year She put her trust in you And you disappointed her Your heart was never there
  I loved a boy,  who loved himself.  With my arms right around his body,  i felt cold.  He kept me at a distance, I complied. Lovestruck.  I only wished for love in return, 
Ako'y nanliit Sumikip bigla ang dibdib Nagmukmok sa kwarto Puno ng pighati   Agad tinanong sa sarili '' Panget ba ako? '' '' May mali ba sa akin?'' '' May kulang ba sa akin? ''  
If I could ask for one more dayThat I could be yoursI’d bask in moments, the love, the security.the purity in our intentionsBefore we refused to speak what was unintentionally mentionedThe lies you’d cry
In every night, there is a morning. In every morning, there is a night. But in the darkness of every night, there will never be a light.
another relationship another breakup today, our one month anniversary  she breaks up with me after isolating herself for days blaming me not even trying to fix things
I arrive at the palace in a red, wrinkled palace. The mysterious moonlight sheds purple light upon me. I am refreshed. Your palace doors are bolted shut With chains poisoned specifically for me.
I arrive at the palace in a red, wrinkled palace. The mysterious moonlight sheds purple light upon me. I am refreshed. Your palace doors are bolted shut With chains poisoned specifically for me.
Don't let them in, Don't let them in, They will only break everything you are; Don't let them in, Dont let them in, Cuz you would only pick up your pieces; (2x)  
His chest was a battlefield. Logic v.s Fear. His chest tightened with every step that he let mark Walk from. His body a rickashay of bullets. Rattled by Marks earthquake steps. Silence is more defining than Erwin Screams.
His chest was a battlefield. Logic v.s Fear. His chest tightened with every step that he let mark Walk from. His body a rickashay of bullets. Rattled by Marks earthquake steps. Silence is more defining than Erwin Screams.
You forsake me for another And leave me cold and lonely. You torture me with your eyes, They greet me yet they ignore me. You taunt me with your smile, It sends comfort but mocks me.
Hi, my name will remain anonymous for the simple fact it's my heart speaking not my name or who I am. Lorde, I've never been a die-hard fan but I am absolutely a fan, especially of your latest album Melodrama.
            I am constantly trying to remain sane but the status of our relationship is driving me over the edge            or maybe i am already over the edge and the breeze of 
I miss him His warmth against my cheak  I miss his laugh The way it used to be I wish that I could turn back time And stop myself From doubting us  From stopping him From ruining us
To my First,   I remember the day that I witnessed your impressionable smile and sparkling eyes. I remember the tiny flutter of my heart, that feeling that you were going to mean something to me.
We met in the wrong time We connected in the wrong time, We bonded in the wrong time, We hugged in the wrong time,
You didn't love me Because you didn't know how to love You only knew how to play So indeed you played, With my heart. My feelings. My time. My life. My mind.  
I had the app for the sole purpose of free coffee, Free coffee being the drinks boys would buy for me. Yet, when you messaged me the name of your favorite band,
I love my Pikachu With her beautiful eyes So blue! I could stare into them forever And be happy I love my Pikachu
Will you ask me to stay?   I don't know what went wrong, We were supposed to last long. I tried my very best, But you ended up just like the rest.
Once again that my heart shattered Lights went blackout, no more flickered My head went full blank My life I had hang I thought my life doesn't matter
I cry almost every night, asking will everything be alright  Stare into dark space with a low face, a lot people don't know this takes place What woman can own it and say the love of her life is fading away, that maybe it's be best to split even t
Not knowing whether to breathe anymore, to blink, to live… I’m in a battle field. I against you; you against me. Your violent words, bullets that kill me in a way I don’t know what to do with myself anymore.
dear love, you are a nightmare dressed as a miracle. you are misleading. you are troublesome. but somehow, you always seem beautiful. you always seem to pull me in
Sometimes memories are better forgotten.Sometimes they’re not,But some memories are harder to bear,Because in the end all happiness gets disappear.
My love For thunderclouds And rainy nights Is like my love For you   Cold and depressing.  
I watched in utter shock and disbelief The mouth that kissed me the day before Was now bringing me to tears Not missing a beat as he ripped me apart. I know it hurts but the pain is necessary, right?
Something changed inside of me When I disturbed the water lilies The curtains stirred in disarray But she said that she couldn’t stay   Something changed inside of me When I sang to the water lilies
When she is gone There will be nothing for you to say Let's face it You did not appreciate her anyway You used and abused her And played with her heart Nothing but an acrimonious scene
You stained my existance, smeared my heart, and left a masterpiece of a mess behind.
Why me? You always insured me, told me you loved me but no instead u broke up with me. I tried so hard, i didn't listen to my friends about you. I was actually starting to love you.
Beautifully born on a beautiful bush. A beautiful rose, not red but white. The light of the sun reflects on it, so perfectly imperfect.
love me now like you did beforeHold me tight and never let me goIs the words that replay at 5:00AMWhen I'm walking out the doorI took your heart and I broke itDestroying loveSabotaging feelings
Girl, when we do not communicate with each other properly We tend to push love away Joy turns into darkness Things have got to change We need to open up to one another There must be a form of telepathy
Moments are melancholy Because lives have been lost People are in a state of bewilderment Dithered, confused, and distraught Nothing but a chaotic scene Filled with lots of bitterness
we started off great  we started off happy but you started us off with someone else we started off together now i feel we are going to end apart  separate  you'll be fine  ill be dying inside 
You sadly left her alone With no one to talk to She often blamed herself She did not know what else to do In a state of bewilderment Withered and confused Tears fall from her face
It is crystal clear She really does not need you anymore You have tortured her heart And that is for sure What more is there for her to say It truly is over Nothing but darkness and silence
Four and a half years after you came into my life you are gone from it One year of silent staring Seven months of friendship One year and four some odd months of dating And the rest in between, Well...
When we crossed paths, There was already a connection You caress me with your voice and penetrated me with your words You aroused me with your knowledge and made me throbbed with your touch
And then, there was silence. You were just a memory. Your voice, your words, your face, your smile.
  My life is Intoxicating It’s so misleading It can be frustrating I guess I’m still debating on whether my life is worth hating.   My life is so demanding and friends
"...Half asleep, I hear a light rustle outside my window then a sunk on the right side of my bed. You lightly shook me and smiled. As always, conversation turns into an argument.
Now you're looking at the ground because your eyes can  tell when you're lying to me but at one point you couldn't  keep your eyes off me. You kept telling me that you loved
I had thought I had fallen for the right person But never did I know that I was wrong And I looked at the one that I was with And for sure I knew that I did not belong I gazed upon you and you looked upon me 
  The Day You Died         I scrubbed your prints from my walls
Why should she stay? Look at the way how you treated her She gave you everything But, you were insincere You never showed her any appreciation All you did was waste precious time
You were like an onion Hard but easy to peel Wondering how far I should stand away from you before cutting you Before you start to make me cry Again Knowing you make me cry everytime
if you ever miss me and hesitate if you should call to tell me or not... just whisper it to the wind and let it carry your words on... maybe i'll be able to feel the coldness of your heart then
She will find her strength And simply walk away You have abused her a lot Your heart has gone astray She sadly drowns in tears Because, she had put her trust in you You never gave back to her
She is brokenhearted You have torn her apart You were never there Right from the very start Tears are falling from her face Nothing but mass confusion Living in a state of turmoil
Be still, my heart, "I cannot," she says, "I have been cruelly broken, and I am in too many pieces."   I pull out a pen and tell her to bleed. Bleed onto paper the thousand words,
She can clearly see That you really do not care There was zero communication You were never there She sadly drowns in tears At the distorted connection Such a horrible sight
I wonder if she still sees me as I do As the girl in the rain Crying silently Tears scarring the earth in small rivers There are times when I think she does And my heart breaks
Oh, but the more I wrote about youthe easier it got, mouthfuls of poemsfilled up like my anxiety flowing out.I hope you catch the crown fire  in your mouth because before it
Girl, why do you condone his mess? There is nothing but mass confusion He never really cared about you Such a cloudy situation You stuck by his side Hoping that he would change
I remember last winter, You said it'd be alright. I looked in your eyes for warmer weather, But then the fire turned to ice.   What we once had, it was burning, But now, the flame has gone away.
She gave you a chance But, you threw it away Very tentative in your actions You have led her astray Why must she continue? You were never there Living in a state of uncertainty
Bam bam! One fist after the other. Pow pow! One too many hits.
Is today that day The day so dreadful to me Where you took my heart And shattered it to millions Then burying with your lifes  
I remember screaming and sobbingand hardly breathing as I realized what you were sayingyou told me forever and alwaysI didn't know that meant until you found somebody betteryou and your lies sicken me
You lost a diamondpiece You sadly abused her Treated her like she was nothing When she gave you everything There is no one to blame She gave you many chances Forever she will disappear
Girl, why do you tolerate the mess? You really do not need to deal with nonsense You sadly let time waste to the side Lots of pain and sadness you continue to hide He never really appreciated you
To live. What can I live without? A better question, what shall I live without?   So many things I wouldn’t miss,
Girl, why waste your time And fight all of his lies He has used and abused you He never cared to see you cry But, you stick by his side Hoping that he would change You will suffer through more pain
Girl, you gave him a lot of chances But he threw them all away His heart was never into you He broke your poor heart in two There was nothing but frustration and pain Simply nothing for you to gain
Sentimental she is Because you threw it away You never truly appreciated her Why should she stay? She really gave you her all But, you were never there Consider her gone
Girl, why do you put up with his mess? Just pick yourself up and move on You can start all over again You have the ability to be heartstrong He never really cared for you Had some nerve just to criticize
She sadly goes away Because there was no love there Nothing but neglect and abuse There was a lot of bad air Pain and suffering Not a good situation to be in There is nothing but darkness
Girl, there is nothing but a dark road There really is no excuse Just look at how you are being treated Why do you take his abuse? You are just flooded with worry And sadly, carrying a lot if pain
Girl, if you are not happy Then why are you still there? You are just taking more abuse It is really clear that he does not care There is no love there He has shown no gratitude
Timely communication Prevents frustration Make sure that you have a complete understanding Of the entire situation There may be a cloudy scenery When words are left unspoken Grimaces will sadly appear
Do not walk into someone's life And then run away Be gentle with your heart Always find the right words to say Communication is vital It holds the bond together Just do not mess with a person's feelings
What is the point? If there is no trust or communication The bond will break And there will be mass frustration Nothing but clouded matters Because words are unspoken Just open up to one another
She cannot go on Her heart is frozen You have sadly hurt her a great deal Because she is heartbroken You never showed her any appreciation Nor, did you really care Her eyes are now open wide
Light of my life, Light in the dark, I wish that were true. You would never let me look up, But now I have
(written 2/18/2015) I have a fire like warm nights burning just below my slow beating heart. The air in my room withers thin like cherry stems.
I am enticed with the majestic fluidity of your fingertips, tugging at my strings so that my skirt twirls and billows around me in a mannerism that only romance could suggest. And the smell of your cologne entices me
It's giving wholeheartedly and not receiving You pour into someone else and they don't pour back into you Leaving you empty With a bottomless void to fill The empty void hurts Such major change so quickly
The pain. The confusion. 
And now you're gone, Just like a petal torn off a flower after a gust of strong wind. The wind of life carried you away while you were still sweet.. Goodbye. Your aroma still lingers, lavender.
Theres so much hurt So much pain So much broken glass That cuts my wrist I wasnt so broken I wasnt so cut I wasnt so depressed I wasnt so sad
Been with you for a year Known you since I was kid Until I fell so deep Wanna hug you since you got the last air to breathe   With a pang of jealousy Our ship sank in the sea
Your grey shield Shimmers in the sunlight, as it guards your fiery red heart, from my hopeless blue heart   My bold black shield twinkles in the darkness, camoflauging your
I am from you.
Everything was great on that sunny day,  my sister calling at work? What did she need to say? Her voice was muffled and I couldn't hear, 
Where were you  You said you'd be here but yet your absence is pretty fucking clear. The hole you left in me is not done tearing me apart, I am slowing becoming into what I've feared the most; nothing. 
Before you I wrote tradgeties  A tail of woe, that ended with the downfall of the main character   While I loved you  I wrote happily ever after
Death from lying Always crying My souls escaping to the sky There is no love among this dark Falling from grace and torn apart Consumed by you I lost myself Lived for your love and happiness
Late one night, tossing and turning, I can’t sleep A lot on my mind, with no one to wail to Watching my beam of light, sleep so peacefully One thought that sticks out with an annoyance
My Love, did you know? The sound of your voice was and is sweet and so sincere. The taste of your lips was and is sentimentally divine. Your touch gave me astonishing goose-bumps.
Was I bitter? Absolutely.
Someday oneday you'll be back, if not today,but someday. You'll remember us.'
What the hell man?I gave you my heart, And you crushed it in your hand. You tore it apart.
Silence is deafening when I'm alone The hum of nothingness's tone Not a pin drop nor a mouse's scurry Not a scraching or a tapping to be heard   The sound is frightening, Like a sentence of torture.
They keep trying to tell me I should be happy. Ok, I am really trying, I mean honestly I ain't cut in almost 10 months now. People say that it's pathetic when someone is that sad,
"Please don't say you love me, because I might not say it back..." Backing out is my fear-instilled instinct. Instinct normally would be telling someone that all of this feels so right.
"Look in the mirror and tell yourself you're beautiful' . I'd repeat it. Look in the mirror and say " I love you". I'd try , but nothing would  come out . I'd go mute. I spent most of my life trying to hide myself.
Oh my darling, please don’t Don’t let depression sear your heart I know it’s hard to say goodbye But sometimes friends must part  
When we first locked eyes that summer afternoon, You left me, in the most innocent sense, breathless.  I knew that I would fall in love with you And I thought it was worth the risk.  
Why should I give my hopes up When reality is just going to yank them back down My heart always shatters And I'm tired of picking it up from the ground  One more time I will pick up the pieces
Death is getting a call at seven in the morning asking you to
I'm running Trying to catch up Trying to get a hold But you slip right through
I was so naive So blind When it came to you I was a complete fool  
He soaked up every inch of her happiness. Vanished her sweet loving smile. Wet her eyelids with tears streaming down her face. Redden her face, ached her head, and above all ached her heart. Nothing seems right anymore. How can it all go back?
Black Lines, That’s what they see. This pen. My pen, Flowing across the page, My heart spilling, In black lines. These black lines
Take me far away to a paradise where I can listen to the sound of the ocean against the shore instead of my heart thumping inside of me when I am near you Please get out of my fucking head I want to die
heart broken, pain remains, lie stood brighter then the rain, heart broken,faith lingers, trust weaver, deep inside you knew not wanting to accept it leaving more hurt, promise broken,
I loved your hands.  Loved the way they worked at my back when I was sore but my god, I hated them! I hated the way they'd shake when you'd miss a pill hated how natural  a cigaret fit between your fingers
Maybe it was the way he held your hand, holding on like it would save him from his worst nightmares. Or was it the sound of his voice sleep deprived and full of despair calling you at 3 a.m. Just to Make sure you were still there.
She died of a broken heart falling asleep with the sound of Love Love Love in her ears. She had no emotions left to give She was done.  She was done-done-done, girl. She was done.
There was once a girl who had given so much of her heart away that one day, after giving her last piece, she fell asleep listening to Bon Iver, and doed of a broken and missing heart.
Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth when I tell you that I love you, that I need you Do you find it difficul to believe that little cold me could favor you, maybe even tame you
Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth, when I tell you that I love you, that I need you Do you find it difficult to believe that little cold me could favor you, maybe even tame you
  Negative thoughts Leading to Emotional distraught Making appearances that only seemed to be of neglect Heartbroken to realize that people will never see you prosper Your hard work neglected
This unforgettable reminiscence haunts her daily, why can't IT let her be? Don't they know that it wounds within the spirit and mind?
its 3 am again and it all really seems so familiar, the dark sky, the quiet house, the creeping memories of you, and the feeling of death and sorrow in my chest  
When the darkness takes over   He was my hero He was my life The one that saved me every night. The light to my soul The beat to my heart Was how I felt before we fell apart.
Couldn't see, couldn't hear, darkness was everywhere Why did you leave? I needed you More now than ever I'm so lost without the two of you Remember when you would call me boo?
Held back by our own limitations,so we start on our medications.Arguments fought through litigations,never considering the implications.  
Day in and day out Your name pops into my head  Memories of your touch, smell, and taste Haunt me at night Wishing and hoping you'd come back That you's realize that I still love you
Here I am Every night Thinking of you My body lingers for your touch My lips crave for your kiss But all that stops Now that I see That we just aren't meant to be 
Guess it's true I'm notGood enough, I don't understandBut I never really wanted you to goI had to do it for myselfSecond thought, I left I had to goBecause deep down I avoided youBreaking my heart
The old and the brokenAre out-spoken though never heardNo one sees they're out-goin'When they're un-brokenAre they old and broken?Or are they young and miss-spoken?
You Killed
You didn't give me butterflies in my stomach.You gave me fireworks.  
She sits there, she's pondering.
Falling to the ground it came Turning back, she looked at the unimaginable pain The hopeless feeling settled in once more Was this real love? Would she ever learn?
They both sit in the dark room bathing in silence as the tension starts to build.
I've become numb from the amount of times I've heard the lies
In the days of love, I wished you so much to be mine. In the days of love, I missed you so much. In the days of love, I wanted you so much. But all of that is but a dream. Silently slipping away from me.
Here is the begging, so romising and bright, but what f you can't se the light? Hidden by the darkness of a pain that never ends. Hidden by the sorrow of a fight that just began.
We used to click. 
I waited for you to discern me.
You love me,I know it,Are you scared, angel?You love me,
And I tried not caring  But this shit doesn't work. Everytime I think about it, it hurts. And it hurts worse That you don't even care I imagined life is game where players play fair
I hate locking my heart away.
It started off beautiful and I was happy to have it. To see me happy was my mirror goal, It reflected my happiness. It kept me comfort when needed, And showed me a different world. Mirror reflected my heart,
Slept in my bed last night, All comfortable and warm. Until I had a dream, That saddened my heart. I saw you walking, So happy and laughing. But she was with you, The reason you smiled.
 I see you. You see me. Our eyes meet, But out mouths don't speak.  
Does it matter that these tears fall for you? That they hit the floor and the page, but not your hand? Does it bother you that you did this to me? When will you pull me out of this quicksand,
        the wind blew through my hair as cars below whizzed by. he held my hand and was looking in the same direction as i, out on the free way, mere feet away rom where we stood.
he was a tidal wave,
  if i lost interest in you  would things finally fall into place.
Bruised and broken Was this all a game? All the words that I had spoken I guess I have to take the blame. Scared and mortified in the dark
I've been told these same things before But never quite in this way
There's nothing like that feeling of wanting somebody by your side, Wanting to feel a touch of comfort by them,
Roses are red, violets are blue, Theres noone in this world, Id rather be with than you, Counting the petals, I love you, i love you not, Counting and counting, Connecting the dots,
this void, this emptyness inside. what'd you expect of me? i'm an empty vessel with out a soul.
Our lives separate each other when the truth is spoken. If I could let you know who I am, a kiss goodbye from my heart would leave no soul or particle intact. My faith is shaking, holding on to one little strand.
I attempt to look nice  I'm much too exhausted to. Meager must suffice. All I want is to impress you. I long to tell you how much I care. I wish to call out to you But no sound is there.
Thoughts are flowing in my head continously and confused.Is he even aware that I'm here?A smile he gives me in the hallway comes and goes.He talks with other girls the same way too.
I drink about you and imagine your hands on mine but the moment your hand left mine forever, my heart broke yet you forgot about me faster then I could say goodbye you were nothing but the devil with the face of an angel
The leaves on the tree They symbolizes your love Now it's winter time...
You fill me up Then drink I am your partner  during dark nights And your enemy Once you've had your fun And had your fill You leave me on the table And go to enjoy life's thrill
Peace in the mind is all I wish for Joy in the heart, I would love to claim But it plays games Making a never ending race Close enough for me to see it, feel it, need it But too far to obtain
One... Two... I love you and I don't know what to do Three... Four... Fear is at my very core and you can't escape this hot war Five... Six... I don't have a bag of tricks and I'm sorry, there is no fix
I read your words and my heart starts to bleed. How can I sing your song, if you are all I need. Now that you're gone, and never look back,
and we’re a boat full of broken people because life is a cruel and dangerous game
night is when all of my monsters emerge.
Love is a very powerful force that can motivate us, makes us new, teach us things, and give us emotional comfort.
A year and 8 months spent very well, A year and 8 months later I am in hell To say I want you back would not be a lie, But I can no longer hold these feelings inside I’m grateful I met you and called you mine,
Heres a story like to tellabout this boy i thought i knew so wellthought he was the one for me all the other boys i couldn't seeit should have been me and you i could have been you and i
When I come to the end of my journey And I travel my last weary mile Just forget if you can, that I ever frowned, And remember only the smile.  Forget unkind words I have spoken;
A rose placed upon shattered  glass. Her cries are heard from afar,  But no one listens.
When I look at you 
You show me the alchoholic that I truly am. I'm constantly wanting just one more sip of your sweet breathThat when mixed with mineCreates the most perfect intoxicationI've ever let affect my vision
Like December, Like tomorrow's coming down, Shaking snowflakes to the ground, While you're waiting in bed some more, Cuz in November you were falling all around, Leaves of every color now,
one wave to say hello that's what we've been brought down to  and in that one wave i see every memory of us i see it rise like a wall and just as quick as the glance you gave me it crashes to the ground
It’s Crazy How People Can Remember The Time They Had Spent With People More Than They Can Remember The Answers To An Exam. I Guess We All Know What We Cherish The Most...   I Knew A Guy ,
Seven, it was seven years when we first met Your hair so perfect & eyes so blue, The way you played the trumpet With that sweet smile oh so true,
She used to be so soft spokenNow she puts up a front acting all toughRaged because she feels usedAnd the world owes her something for leading her too be fooled and pulled into the reality of the true ending of a fairy tale
1 a.m. isn't for those "just married" couples sleeping  together for the first time, 1 a.m. isn't for those who party everyday of the week nor for those who  stay up late playing video games.  
even though i did have fun with my friends i was dieing inside because the guy that i like wasnt there! he wasnt there when i needed a hug cause i was crying, he was with other girls,
I gave you my heart,  I gave you my all, You threw it away, And watched me fall, How could you treat me like this, Causing me to feel so empty and alone, Was it all a lie from the start?
Imagine yourself. Being trapped in the, Twin Towers. Knowing you're going to die. And you have one decision to make, either to suffocate, from the smoke, or jump to a fast,
Broken promises left in the open The stench of nicotine and dried up roses Clouded vision by the smoke Don't think, don't think, don't speak Cold air filling a dried throat Whispered screams in the sheets
Remember that time? When we swore we were perfect Ironically in love with each other’s imperfections Barely leaving any space between us to take in the recollections.
You love me today, tomorrow you are unsure, the next day you're gone.            
His lies penetrating my heart Making me believe he cared. He promised to never cause me pain, But he cut me deep.   Away he threw
My world is empty, taken by youMy life is frozen, held by a bindMy mind left wondering, until I find youHeart broken, you left me behindStar Struck in an instant, because you saw my face
You left and never came back, Leaving behind broken promises, broken dreams and broken hearts, Destroyed all the trust, Therefore Creating fear of abandonment, fear of getting too close to anyone, Wounds that will never heal, In the end showing me
"Don't die!" she gasps. "Don't leave me!" she pleads as tears stream down her face. He knows his fate. She denies it. His heart slows. His grip on her hand weakens as she grasps his tighter.
"Whenever I miss you I tell my heart no. I then close my eyes and let the memories roll. Out of my eyelids and straight down my cheeks. Pouring into the pillow that captures my dreams. And as my heart sinks when the images do fade..
Every night I sigh Sadly singing And telling lies I wish for your heart But it's all in vain Taking part Of all this pain   Drop everything Just to see you
This isn't poetry This is my heart I should have known I'm breaking apart   Let me write about The empty hearts Hollowed and emptied out The shattered broken part  
It was almost a love triangle except it wasn’t. It was just as ridiculous though. Someone had fallen in love with her, but she had already fallen in love with someone else.
The love we had was like glassYou could see right through itAnd everything was clearI loved you with all my heartWe had our little fightsAnd the scratches on the glass appeared
  What am I gonna do when you’re gone? Because you couldn’t let anybody in to hear the cries of your sad song. So tell me what am I gonna do when you’re gone?
This is my last breath for youthought for youlast time ill ever spill my heart for youI said I'd wait forever but forevers deadI need a new reason to get out of my bedI need you out of my head, for good
I remeber the depth of my desires late at night, the craving for your warmth. I remeber you being so distant yet so close. The way you held me, your air tight hugs.
The floetry, the poetry The words no longer flow like trees The pain he felt, the more we see The links of him down to her "v" The moet she pours up as he Feels that the love is all she needs
Someday you'll love me Someday you'll care Someday you'll treasure the moments we've shared. Someday you'll learn, love is not a game. then you'll realize, I'm not the same.
(poems go here) Mesmerized The day you’re staring back into my eyes it will be through your TV. A beautiful monster is whom you’ll see Acting so viciously you’d think I was a bee.
Sitting with the rain Holding my hands under the puddles Subconscious illusions Fading I see the rain stop The sun set and then the moon Compress, Explode.   As if the moon was glass
Songs after Songs Hurt Trying to Forget the One Who Broke What We Made. Words Cannot Describe The Pain That I Have For You You Hurt Me Badly
Abused, Misused, Mistreated; A little girl robbed of her innocence. Tattered, Broken, Shattered; Refusing to fall in love. Stupid, Naive, Butterflies;
These things you tell yourself at midnight When you're alone and those thoughts in your head just won't shut up. And all you want is some Goddamn silence
My back just broke Please help me get better Broken bones, broken hearts, They’re all the same, rather.
Have you even wondered where hope goes to die Have you spent your whole life just wanting to cry   What does it mean to you when things shatter A million of pieces left for you to gather  
Did love naught ever come this way for thee? Or did love take captive thou soul to slay? Faults rarely seen in love – blind cannot see. Buds of love’s young spring never dreamt this day.
I cried laughter and pain, Memories rushed through my brain, I wonder how I lost you. Thinking ill have you back, Times i tried and lack, I still wonder how I lost you. Seeing your love for me is gone,
(poems go here) I know there’s no hope for us, but when you love someone you don’t give up. So I keep holding on hoping one day we can move along, Onto a new stage, and we’re go through a new phase.
My spirit cuts through me to reach you. A red, ridged line follows its breakthrough. So watch me as I fall, grasping for reach. I land, with every moan, a twisted speech.
Your beauty is what brightens up my day, but truly its your smile that takes my breath away. I never met someone like you thats so full of joy. Here I stand hoping you will notice this one boy.
The lies and disrespect Covered up by your embrace Left me blind but hopeful. Your voice blocked the harmful fumes, Leaving me trapped in a cage —Choking on denial.
Come My love My sweet dove I miss you so I look for you above And yet they tell me to say no They say to say no to the love that grows When you left me, left for good I said I was done
I was wondering if you could take a moment to read. I want you to know that you’re all I need. Just know that this came from my heart. Please read it before we fall apart.
She said "I can't see myself without you" He said "well close your eyes, and if I ever really loved you would I tell you lies?
Apparitions of my innocence appear to me Sincerely I can say I miss those days dearly Back when I was young and couldn't see the world clearly I'm screaming warnings to a ghost hoping that it's hearing me
The months of waiting and tears Lead to this moment; Where I can finally hold you again, And hear your heartbeat, And breathe you in. It's been too long since i've seen you're smile And your eyes,
Your troubles were my troubles, your struggles I made my own. What I got in return was nothing more, but pain. Now what do I have to show, I am nothing but alone. My eyes watered like rain, you made me feel so insane.
Its been 24 hours since yesterday, I know u might think That I exaggerate but I just can't explain' This feeling is suffocating me, Cuz I know yours aren't the same' that you thought they were...
When I was a kid, I thought the world was like the one in the cartoons The hero dressed in his red, white, and blue would always fly in and save the day
(poems go here) I am in your presence The air between us is so still yet the "once in a blue moon" breeze cuts through my thoughts I close my eyes; trust my capabilities of moving two steps forward
I feel a strong presence of grief And the heartbroken Spirit that has been deceive My painful heart beats fasten
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