The Old and the Broken


The old and the broken
Are out-spoken though never heard

No one sees they're out-goin'
When they're un-broken

Are they old and broken?
Or are they young and miss-spoken?

They hold you close with soft-spoken hearts.
Yet they're always a token no one discerns
No one sees the un-spoken
On the Subway Token

They're un-woken dreams
Become un-spoken notions.

The old and the broken
are young and un-broken
and wise with a token

They have a notion
For the young ambition.

They always have a conclusion
For the thoughtless and ambitious.

They are wise
And keep on goin'.                                                                                                              




I wrote this because a lot of people are misunderstood nowadays.  The mental and the old, they get outspoken by the smart and the young.  No one really sees much as to what they can do.  I want to change that, and let them know they are not alone.  People with Alzheimer or the autistic are discriminated and are sociable awkward.  or so we think... They are wise, and know just as much as we do as human beings.  Don't you agree?  I know I do.  Just because either they can''t remember, or act differently, don't mean they are not smart.  Also Autistic children are smarter than they seem.  Some can read and write, others don't even speak, but what they are thinking, are just waiting to be heard.  I want to end what we think about these two types of people. 

It only takes one.

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