Into The New


Falling to the ground it came
Turning back, she looked at the unimaginable pain
The hopeless feeling settled in once more
Was this real love?
Would she ever learn?

Running home now she moved
But her heart lay as it fell
Never to leave
Never to depart

And although she tried
She might never be complete
For her heart still longed for that man
The man who had given her life
And the man who had taken it away

There she was now
With heart heavy-laden
Tears streaming down her face
She cried out in anger,
“Why Dad?”

But no one was there
Only the wind heard her plea
There was no use
In disgust she looked at the painful sight once more

Then -
With one sudden turn
She headed homeward
Away from the pain and agony
Away from her old life and into the new


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