I Loved You


This is my last breath for you
thought for you
last time ill ever spill my heart for you
I said I'd wait forever but forevers dead
I need a new reason to get out of my bed
I need you out of my head, for good
this is the way it should, be
its time that I make a new story for my own glory
I now think you realize all that you lost
& what did it cost
my heart being broken
and your mind criss crossed, these words have been unspoken
and now im taking it out
waiting to hear I love you
is like waiting for rain in a drout
it will never come out
so im done waiting, anticipating, wondering what if, or maybe
these thoughts have drove me crazy
walking back and forth pacing
undicided wether those memories are worth erasing
this is the challenge that im facing
because it was you that I was craving and stressing
obessing, over the situation I'm pressing

I keep telling my self im free

even though I dont wanna be
I wrote this not to get you mad but to tell you its over
it was the only way i could get closure

i loved you...


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