Short Love Story


It was almost a love triangle except it wasn’t. It was just as ridiculous though. Someone had fallen in love with her, but she had already fallen in love with someone else. The guy she fell in love with said he loved her, but then he left her for another girl. She was heartbroken. So she tried to love the guy that had fallen in love with her, but she couldn’t. He was patient and sweet and he cared. However, she loved the one she could not really have. In the end, she broke the heart of the one who loved her by leaving. By this time she was no longer heartbroken, but knew that she needed to gather herself. In the process of becoming unclouded by dreadful memories she hurt him unintentionally. A brokenhearted girl should never try to let someone else fix her. She needs time to mend on her own. After a year of being alone she was finally happy again. Then the one she had fallen in love with saw her at a park one day. He approached her with a smile and she politely smiled back. He told her that he still loved her and wanted her back. She gave him a sorrowful look as she explained that she no longer loved him. He looked at her astounded and confused because she had once said that she would love him forever. He mention this to her and she nodded her head to show her agreement. Then she asked why he would leave her if he had loved her like he once said. To this he replied that he had been frightened because he loved her too much. She became perplexed over such a statement and gave him a disconcerting look. After a few moments of silence she stood up to leave. He asked if he could see her again. She told him no because she was finally happy without him. He begged and pleaded to give him another chance, but she merely shook her head no and walked away. He shouted that he would love her forever and one day they would be together. She smirked and shook her head again while walking away and simply thought that forever never lasts.


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