Mourning Time


Have you even wondered where hope goes to die

Have you spent your whole life just wanting to cry


What does it mean to you when things shatter

A million of pieces left for you to gather


What happens when you're up but you feel so low

What happens when you'r running with nowhere to go


An icy eye

That can't help but stare

But, does not pass without one last glare

It's rage and hate that let out a sigh

Not forgiveness and calm that would have never said goodbye


A plane with no pilot

And words without a tongue

No, what are words that can never be done


Will the moon cry with the wolf

Or, is it an empty circle that will always be aloof


I see the rose with no color

And, the bird that has forgotten its song


Will anyone see the butterfly

While the eagle is standing by


Has hope forgotten to stop here


What does it matter

The wolf will continue its path without sheading a tear


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