Thoughts Of You


Here I am

Every night

Thinking of you

My body lingers for your touch

My lips crave for your kiss

But all that stops

Now that I see

That we just aren't meant to be 

Though there are memories 

That cannot be remade quite the same

I will always remember what we had 

You made me feel what I could not before


And now that you've gone 

I stand alone 

And weaker than ever

Going back to old habits 

And hoping you see

That this is what you are doing to me

I hide the pain well enough

For you not to question

But I know you dont care enough to ask

And I'm left here once again

Trying to mend my broken heart for the third time because of you

And then I think

Why do I still love him?

Why do I still care?

Why do I still want him?

When he doesn't at all

Those memories won't ever seem to fade away

I told myself you were no good for me

I told myself to let go

But I still cling close to them 

Because they are all I have left

The memories of happiness with you

Also carry a weight of sorrow 

And I will forever question why my heart chose you

But I will never regret my love for you


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