The boy who doens't know.


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(poems go here) I know there’s no hope for us, but when you love someone you don’t give up.
So I keep holding on hoping one day we can move along,
Onto a new stage, and we’re go through a new phase.
I can’t stand to be apart, but when you’re looking at her it breaks my heart,
You say you like me & it’s apparent I like you too
Why we aren’t together the choice is up to you
‘Cause you already knew when we first kissed
There was no way I could ever resist you ,
And I’d do anything just to be with you
I can’t help but wonder what it is that makes me this way,
I already proved I’d be true,
The only one I’m waiting on is you,
If you could just catch a glimpse of how I sit around and wait for you to text me
It sure felt nice when we snuck around to see each other,
And no matter what I refused to love another,
But your player-ish games remained the same,
I never asked you to change; but you can’t even commit to being a friend,
It almost doesn’t matter cause just when I’m about to bend
You pull me back in like a life preserver,
I refuse to drown,
You pick me up again

Just to let me down.
I miss the person I thought you were,
I’ve got a broken heart & you’ve got her.
I still loved you,
I still just want to hold you , you and only you ,
Make you my secret,
My dirty deed,
But I only exist to you when I give you what you need,
You’re slowly your killing me


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