Faded Love

When I look at you 
You were the one that set me on fire 
Burned me alive and heard those terrible screams telling you to stop
But you sat there watching 
as I burned to a crisp 
And left me as a pile of blackened dust 
waiting to be carried away by the wind 
with no remorse
no pain.  

When I look at you
The one who blindfolded me 
tied me up 
and forced me to walk on the edge of the jagged cliff
With the hazardous rocks below, like specks on a page 
Who pushed me off in the uncharted waters 
and into the searing rocks below me 
Who let me drown
with your face off in the distance the last thing I see 
Until the blue encompassed my body,
 caressing it like a blanket 
as you did to me 
eones ago 

A thunderstorm of tears have washed over me 
from all the bruises you've made 
And I cry a thousand more  
whenever I look at you 
Because you feel no ache 
no grief 
and you don't know that this 
is what you've done 
to me 


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