Why me?

Why me?
You always insured me, told me you loved me but no instead u broke up with me.
I tried so hard, i didn't listen to my friends about you.
I was actually starting to love you.
And like i said before love isn't for me.
I guess now it's forsure.
Why me?
Why did u wait until I was in so deep to break up with me?
But don't worry i'm finally awake because now I know it was never meant to be.
But I still feel like a fool for ever thinking about loving you.
After people told me u was never good for me.
I'm always trying to fix something that could never be fixed in the first place.
And now i really know what it means when people say peace is temporary.
Because you were just temporary and that's gonna be in my vocabulary.
If u really think about about everything is temporary.
What really hurt me was when I spilled my heart out telling you about my grandmother's death.
As she took her last breath and how it was a sudden death.
It hurts and things just fall apart for me.
i'm still gonna be asking why me?
i've just been going through a lot believe it or not.

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